Knights charge through CB South Titans in Friday night matchup

In their last game, the Knights suffered an embarrassing homecoming loss to Central Bucks West to set their record at 2-3. Fans watched hopelessly as they saw their school’s team walk off the field with nothing to say about their performance. However, the North Penn Knights did not stay down for long, as their key factors in the following week’s matchup was anger and determination.

The Knights trampled the CB South Football Team in a 35-21 victory at their opponent’s stadium. The team was led by 2 offensive scorers; running back Dave Dawes and wide receiver/cornerback Yazeed Haynes. The game started out with Haynes returning the first kickoff to North Penn for a touchdown that stretched for 92 yards.

“It was great. It was my first kick return catch of the season and I took it to the crib. It really started to get the team hyped up. It was a great way to start the game and it was just an amazing touchdown,” team captain Zeed Haynes said.

Haynes would also continue to have 5 catches for 115 yards. One led to another touchdown with a deep pass from senior quarterback Ryan Zeltt. The pass was caught over a single defender in man coverage.

“As soon as I see that ball in the air, I’m all happy and excited. I’m ready to go get the ball. I love when he throws it up to me because I can just make a play. It gives me a really great feeling knowing I can do that for us,” Haynes stated

In addition, Dave Dawes would go on to score 3 rushing touchdowns from hand-offs in the red zone. Other leading rushers were Amir Major and Michai Cuffie.

“I like to stay humble and keep playing. I try to forget about the last play and move on to the next so I can just keep pushing through,” Dawes stated.

Although the majority of snaps go to other junior running back Amir Major, Dawes has left everything he has when gets possession of the ball.

“Not trying to sound cocky, but I know I’m going to score. I think me being an all-around running back kinda helps because if you put me in the middle of the field, I know I’m gonna get some yards,” Dawes remarked

As mentioned before, the Knights went into the previous week with a disappointing loss over their heads. The Central Bucks West Football Team had given the Knights a 35-14 defeat setting their record at 2-3.

“Coming in on Monday, people were still a little upset, but we really had a talk that we really had to step things up. That led to this past week being our best week of practice. Everybody came with their energy and was ready to play. Everyone on the team was just hyping each other up and it showed the teamwork with our program,” Haynes said.

One of the aspects the Knights were most criticized for was their lack of defense against the opposing run game. Tackling and ending plays early were a key part of the past week’s practice so it would not be a liability in the future.

“I know the linebackers can get their job done. They were really prepared tonight. Especially after working hard in practice on and off the field. They were really able to stuff the runs up the middle tonight,” Haynes states.

The Knights go into the weekend with a new record of 3-3 in their season. The Knights only have four games left in their regular season with them being tied with CB West and Neshaminy for third place in their conference. The final stretch includes the next matchup with the 5-0 CB East Patriots who lead the conference. After that, the Knights face Pennsbury (4-1), Pennridge (2-4), and Abington (2-3) to conclude their season.