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Senior Athlete Spotlight: Belle Sparango

What sport/position do you play?

I play field hockey and I’m a forward and I also play lacrosse which I’m attack/defense.

How many years have you played?

I’ve been playing field hockey for 9 years and lacrosse for 5.

What’s your favorite memory?

My favorite memory from both sports is the away game bus rides… they are always so positive and energetic.

How did you impact the team?

I feel like I impacted the teams by always having an encouraging and energetic attitude toward my teammates and a drive to improve myself to overall better help the team.

How have you grown as a player throughout the years?

I’ve grown as a player throughout the years by learning how to effectively work with others since both sports are team games, and also by learning if I want something I have to work for it.

How did being an athlete positively affect your high school experience?

Being an athlete positively affected my high school experience by allowing me to be in a close-knit community of teammates and coaches who were always so supportive of everything I did. They were always there when I needed help. I also met some of my best friends!

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