Saint Peter’s Peacocks fly their way to making history


image via ESPN

The Peacocks celebrate as they get closer than ever to winning a championship.

The NCAA tournament has always been a time of year full of ups and downs. The Saint Peter’s Peacocks have made history by becoming the first fifteenth seed to advance to the Elite Eight. Will the Peacocks wrap their wings around the national championship title?

With tight defense and consistent offense, the Peacocks are only one game away from making it to the Final Four. After defeating second seed, the Kentucky Wildcats, in their first game of the tournament, the Peacocks won their first game ever in an NCAA tournament. They then went on to conquer Murray State and Purdue.

“We’ve been doing what we’ve been doing all season which is defending and playing as hard as we possibly can. The emotions at the end, again, it’s just, we’re making history and we look forward to keep making more history,” Doug Edert said in the Semifinals Postgame Press Conference posted on YouTube.

Everyone loves an underdog. There is nothing like watching a team no one expected to win defeat teams with outstanding reputations. The Peacocks have been through so many challenges throughout their season. Starting off with their program budget at only $1.6 million and their arena capacity at just 3,200 people. Not just that, but Saint Peter’s has no ranked players on their roster coming out of high school. To continue their uphill climb, a previous assistant coach explained that players weren’t allowed to play music loudly because of classes going on, offices were flooded often and nothing was ever replaced, previous unpaid assistant coaches slept on locker room couches for 2 to 3 nights per week, and press conferences were held in yoga rooms. There is hope that these problems will be fixed with their ongoing winning streak.

“We feel like we belong and the more games we win the more confidence we build. We have a great amount of momentum going to the next game and we’re going to play as hard as we can just like we did this whole season to keep doing what we’ve been doing,” Edert asserted.

The Saint Peter’s Peacocks play last night against the North Carolina Tar Heels in Philadelphia. The NCAA tournament fans had high hopes for the Peacocks to continue to show their true colors and progress towards taking on the champion title. Yet, their journey fell short as they faced a tough battle and their streak came to an end.

“A bunch of kids that no one really wanted and thought they couldn’t play. This is unbelievable. I couldn’t be happier for them,” head coach, Shaheen Holloway, concluded.