Preview: 2021 Boys Volleyball

Head Coach: Tim Moyer

Last Year: 12-8 (lost first round of 2019 District Playoffs)

Notable Losses: Evan Rothman, Ryan Stewart, Jamie Stewart 

Key Returners: Billy Dooney (SR), Jacob An (SR), Brian Landes (SR), Aidan Greene (JR), Vedant Patel (JR)

Players to Watch: First-Year junior player Aaron Foulke and Sophomore Sion Yeo 

Strengths: “We have some great experienced leaders but also lots of youth that need to get caught up. This means I expect a roller-coaster ride of good play and bad until we learn to balance both and be consistent overall. We have a great young setter in, Brian, so I expect him to make up look better than we are sometimes and two talented senior outside hitters that can put the ball away pretty consistently when we can get a ball to Brian,” Moyer said.

Weakness: “Missing last season means most of our players haven’t been able to play in almost a year so catching back up on ball control skills like passing and defense will take some time as well as advanced skills like blocking where timing with players next you take time to master,” Moyer said. 

Outlook: “It’s too soon to tell how we will stack up as most teams in the conference are in the same boat having missed last season and having a limited number of kids able to play club volleyball or touch a ball this past offseason. I would hope by mid-season we are competing to be middle of the pack or higher. We have plenty of potential but a long way to go compete and beat the top teams with so many talented teams in our conference,” Moyer said.