Jalen Hurts is the right choice for starter



Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (2) rushes against Cleveland Browns outside linebacker Malcolm Smith (56) during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 22, 2020, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/David Richard)

The ball is snapped, the quarterback surveys his reads, sees nothing, and rolls out. He pulls it down, runs, and dives to the goal line. His teammates are running to get him up, but he’s just a bit slower than usual. In the executive’s suite, a general manager turns to the owner and says, “it’s a knee.” Carson Wentz finished the drive with a touchdown, but he would be out for the rest of the year. This injury changed everything, for himself and his team.

After that MVP caliber year and two solid campaigns after, expectations were high for the Eagles franchise quarterback. Now, he is statistically one of the worst quarterbacks in the league and looks like a shell of himself. As a result of his mediocre season, rookie Jalen Hurts is starting this Sunday. This has been a controversial topic since it was announced Tuesday, and it is a heated debate over whether who should start. At this point, the Eagles need to allow Carson Wentz to take the pressure off and begin to fix himself. Jalen Hurts is the right choice to start.

Hurts may not be the long term answer, and shouldn’t be, but the organization needs to see what it has in the backup and let Wentz have space to work. Hurts will bring a spark to the offense, change the style of the team, and try to make a case for himself to convince the team to name him the permanent starting quarterback. It will not be an easy task against one of the best defenses in the league, as the New Orleans Saints have allowed 2 touchdowns in 20 quarters of play.

Wentz needs to prove himself all over again, which is unfortunate for him. It will not be easy, and changes must be made in coaching and the front office. But it ultimately depends on how he reacts to the current situation, and how he tries to overcome these uncharacteristic mistakes. He will need to restore his faith within the organization and the fanbase.

Hurts will be an exciting player to watch, and he could make himself a case for the full-time job. Fans should be excited to see him play. but they also should not lose faith in Wentz to return to his former self. It will be an exciting battle to watch through the offseason, training camp, and going into next season. There could be some long waiting for an answer, and there could be a change that changes the outlook of the franchise.