North Penn sets guidelines for home game spectators


Prasham Jobanputra

The student section that included 4 buses of students that travelled from Lansdale to Hershey to watch the Boy’s Soccer Team compete for their first state championship.

After a series of board meetings, transparent dialogues between district administration, and also the Suburban One League, we finally have guidelines that would make the attendance of home fans at sports games possible. 

In alignment with the statewide gathering limit, there will be a maximum of 250 attendees allowed at the Turf Field, Tennis Court, and Cross Country Course. Waterpolo has a stricter guideline, however, with an attendee limit of 100 when at an outdoor pool. With no Crawford Stadium, all field sports, including football, played at the Turf Field, can only seat up to 72 fans on the bleachers when following guidelines– that’s assuming a team isn’t using part of the bleacher section to seat their bench. 

Coaches, athletes, media, and staff all count towards their sports’ respected outdoor gathering limit. Considering that, each and every athlete will be granted to give away a certain amount of tickets, depending on their sport, to which they will be given to parents or any other attendee willing to attend a game. And for those not willing to attend, NPTV will still stream all home games and will try their best to stream most away games.

If you plan on attending a game and have a ticket, you will be required to follow all of the guidelines that athletes are expected to. Those include: having your temperature taken, answering screening questions, wearing a mask, and maintaining 6 feet from non-household members. 

One could break the guidelines by not wearing a mask, not social distancing when in the venue, and by attempting to watch a game without a ticket. One violation will result in a warning, 10 violations per event will result in a probationary game, further violations will result in the ban of all fans for a specific sports team with attendees not following the guidelines.