NBA All-Star Game Mock Draft


Prasham Jobanputra

The projected rosters selected by the two teams.

The NBA will have an All-Star Game draft to decide teams for the third year in a row, and I, Prasham Jobanputra, and Spencer Heilveil teamed up for the All Star Game mock draft.  I will represent Team LeBron while Spencer will draft for Team Giannis.  The rules are simple, since LeBron was the leading vote-getter, he has the first pick.  All the starters must be drafted first and then, Team Giannis will have the first pick for bench players.

Team LeBron: Anthony Davis

This should come as no surprise.  With LeBron’s sidekick also being a starter, I am almost positive that Davis will be the first overall pick, for the simple fact of, how can you not pick your own teammate.  One thing is for sure, if these two bring the Lake Show to Chicago, there will be plenty of alley-oops on house of highlights the next morning.

Team Giannis: Luka Doncic

The European superstar in his second year has taken the league by storm. Looking to be the next big force in the wave of youth in the league, Doncic has been almost averaging a triple double with 28.8 ppg, 9.5 rpg and 8.7 apg. His health has been up and down all season so his presence in the all star game is up in the air.

Team LeBron: Trae Young

Trae Young was a big fan of LeBron before his NBA years, and since joining the association, LeBron has become a big supporter for Young, at one point calling him a, “special player.”  Young has become a young star this year averaging 29.2 points and 9 assists, and I see LeBron taking Young under his wing for Young’s first All-Star game.

Team Giannis: Kawhi Leonard

The Finals MVP has found his new home in LA, but with the surprising Clippers as Kawhi teamed up with superstar Paul George this offseason. With rumors of Giannis wanting to team up with other superstars if he cannot win a championship, drafting Leonard can give him an inside view to the possible teammate to be.

Team LeBron: Kemba Walker

Kemba is one of the best scorers in the league and has led the Celtics to third in the Eastern conference with his 22 points per game while shooting 38.8% from behind the arc.  Walker’s play style fits with LeBron’s and Young’s playmaking ability, which is why, I see LeBron picking Kemba.

Team Giannis: James Harden

The league’s top scorer has been unstoppable putting up 35.7 ppg. With one of the best, if not the best step back jumpers in the league, Harden has been a scoring machine. Rejoined with his old OKC teammate Russell Westbrook, the duo has become one of the top dynamic duos in the league.

Team LeBron: Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid will return to the All-Star game as a starter once again.  Last year, Embiid found his way on Team LeBron and I think he’ll be drafted by LeBron for the second year in a row.  Embiid could have a major factor on LeBron’s team with all the ball handlers.  Jojo can be put in the pick and roll with every player on Team LeBron so far.

Team Giannis: Pascal Siakam 

The Kawhi Leonard-less Raptors lacked a star to begin the year but now, Siakam has been just that. The 2018 most improved player has led his team to second place in the East. Spicy P normally has to go up against one of the league’s best but for the All-Star game, they’ll get to be teammates.

Team Giannis: Khris Middleton

It is evident why Giannis would be drafting Khris Middleton. Middleton has been Giannis’s right hand man helping to lead the Bucks to the top spot in the East.  Middleton was Giannis’s first pick last year once bench players were available to be drafted.

Team LeBron: Chris Paul

This one is simple with LeBron and CP3 being very good friends on and off the court.  Paul and James are both a part of their friend group that has been nicknamed, “Banana Boat,” and Paul will almost for sure end up on Team LeBron.

Team Giannis: Damian Liilard

The cold blooded shooter has been associated with breaking up the OKC team last year following his game winning shot in the playoffs to win the series. Lillard has shown loyalty to his team and Giannis likes players who give loyalty to their team.

Team LeBron: Ben Simmons

The King and The Fresh Prince, LeBron and Simmons, have been very good friends and Simmons is another player that LeBron has taken under his wing.  Simmons has very similar skills as LeBron when it comes to finishing at the rim and facilitating, and with the opportunity to have Simmons on his team alongside Sixers teammate, Joel Embiid, LeBron should select Simmons.

Team Giannis: Rudy Gobert

The French big man and 2018 defensive player of the year, Rudy Gobert has been one of the most efficient centers in the league. Finally getting his long awaited all-star appearance, the seven-foot center, along with Giannis, creates a giant blockade in the paint for Lebron’s all-stars.

Team LeBron: Russell Westbrook

Out of the remaining players, Westbrook is the most explosive and athletic out of all them.  That’s important in a game like the All-Star game, where dunks and alley-oops take center stage.  The roster might look too guard heavy, but it should not matter with basketball being more positionless nowadays, especially in the All-Star game.

Team Giannis: Donavan Mitchell 

Pairing up the Jazz superstars would be a sweet addition to Giannis’s All-Star team. The high flying guard has been one of the most exciting young players in the league and will be for years to come. Mitchell’s first all star appearance is one for many more to come over the years.

Team LeBron: Brandon Ingram

Although he was traded by the Lakers to the Pelicans, there seems to be mutual respect between the once teammates, Ingram and LeBron.  Ingram is another young player that LeBron took under his wing while in LA, and it seemed like they enjoyed playing with each other.  I think LeBron will select Ingram to run it back one more time together.

Team Giannis: Jimmy Butler

After signing a max deal and finding his new home in south beach, Butler has been the leader on the Heat and has led them to a surprising 3rd place in the East. Normally opponents on the court, Giannis will get to pair up with one of the league’s most lethal shooters and late game finishers.

Team LeBron: Jayson Tatum

Maybe this is foreshadowing a new era of NBA stars, but Tatum is another young player that looked up to LeBron.  As a 14-year old, Tatum tweeted at LeBron asking for a follow back and now, Tatum at the age of 21, finds himself in his first All-Star game.  The first All-Star selection is appreciated a little bit more than others, so I think LeBron will select Tatum and let a once fan, now enemy, play besides him.

Team Giannis: Nikola Jokic

The so-called Joker has been a double-double machine averaging 20.4 ppg and 10.1 rpg. Jokic has been one of the most healthy and efficient centers in the league, putting him at the top of the center class. Having Jokic on Giannis’s team will mean he won’t have to go up against the seven foot beast.

Team LeBron: Kyle Lowry

With the remaining 4 players, I think LeBron will go for experience and select 6-time All-Star, Kyle Lowry.  Lowry has had, in my opinion, an outstanding season so far.  After Kawhi’s departure from Toronto, most thought the Raptors would not be able to remain a force in the Eastern Conference, but the Raptors are currently 2nd in the East, and that starts with veteran leadership.  Lowry has 19.4 points per game along with 7.3 assists.

Team Giannis: Domantas Sabonis

Most fans that would hear this name may not know who he is. Sabonis is a silent shooter averaging a double-double with 18.3 ppg and 12.7 apg for the Indiana Pacers. Giannis would like to draft the no-name guy as Lebron is used to getting the big name guys.

Team LeBron: Bam Adebayo

Adebayo has emerged as a major contributor on the Heat, who find themselves 4th in the East.  Adebayo is a force in the paint with 10.4 rebounds per game along 15.8 points per game on 58% shooting.