Clubs compete for ICC Volleyball glory

TOWAMENCIN- The annual ICC volleyball tournament served up excitement in both the Navy and Columbia gyms on Thursday, March 1st. The volleyball tournament consisted of 28 teams, split into 4 brackets. The winners of the 4 brackets and the losers of the 4 brackets went head to head, funneling out the top 12 teams. The top 12 teams went head to head in a single elimination round, and in the end, the team Long Schwengs took the win and plans to donate the money to the Four Diamonds Mini Thon Foundation.

“The ICC volleyball tournament is a huge volleyball tournament that the SGA hosts. ICC stands for inter-club council, so it’s all the clubs in North Penn and anyone else who wants to create their own group can play. The winners get all the money that was collected from signups and get to give it to the charity of their choice,” said SGA member Simran Rathod.

In bracket 1, Team Spikeball came out on top against the Wrestlers in their final game, advancing to the top 12 with a first round bi. In the losers bracket of bracket 1, Team CloudWatchers beat out FBLA in the last game for a spot in the top 12. Team Bengali Club beat Team Indian Cultural Club #1 in bracket 2, gaining a first round bi in the top 12. Team Hoodie Gang won the bracket 2 losers bracket, beating Team Gang Green out of the top 12.

“We are all best friends, so chemistry wasn’t something that we were missing out on during our games. Although we had some height differences, we played very well against teams that were fortunate to have tall kids. The first game was a little rough but we talked it out and figured out a solid game plan and came back to win 4 or 5 straight leading us to the championship,” said senior Ricky Brophy, from Team National Honors Society.

Team Indian Cultural Club #2 and Team Long Schwengs went head to head in bracket 3, both securing a spot in the top 12, but Long Schwengs won, gaining a first round bi. In the losers bracket in bracket 3, Team Boys’ Lacrosse beat out SGA for a spot in the top 12.  

“I think the team played very well, and we went out and had fun. I think it’s a good tournament, everyone can come out, have fun, and the money goes to a good cause at the end of the day,” said junior Nathan Hartman from Team Long Scwengs.   

In bracket 4, Team Boys Soccer defeated Team Aye Trains and secured a first round bi for themselves. The losers bracket in bracket 4 was Team Korean Cultural Club against Team National Honors Society.  The National Honors Society gained the last spot in the top 12.

“As I was telling my boys last night, I think the reason we all love volleyball so much is because the opportunity to play doesn’t come around much. At the end of the day, I had an amazing time, regardless of the outcome. With Minithon coming up, I know that some of us in our group can’t make it that weekend with previous commitments. Our money definitely would have gone to childhood cancer,” said Brophy.

The top 12 teams were put in a single elimination bracket. The winners of each bracket gained a first round bi for this bracket. When it came down to the Final 4 Team Cloud Watchers was beat out by Team Long Schwengs and Team Boys Lacrosse was beat out by Team National Honors Society. In a very close match, Team Long Schwengs was able to edge out Team National Honors Society.

“I think we played great. Our game plan was to play defense until the championships, and we just executed it well. We planned on donating the money to Four Diamonds Minithon because it’s a really good cause,” said junior Kevin Abraham from Team Long Schwengs.