Explosive Firebirds’ offense too much for the Knights


Daelin Brown

ICE HOCKEY- On Wednesday, January 3rd, the North Penn Knights ice hockey team was outshot by the Holy Ghost Prep Firebirds, ultimately losing 5-1.

HATFIELD- The Holy Ghost Prep Firebirds hockey team lit up the ice on Wednesday January 3rd, against the North Penn Knights (4-3). In a tough game of defense for the Knights, they were not able to hold off the Firebirds’ dominant offense and lost the game 5-1.  

“I think our first game back after the new year, we didn’t get a chance to practice this week. Playing a good team like Holy Ghost, I was very pleased with how we played tonight. We did a much better job in the second half of the game in our own zone. They are a very good hockey team, so I’m very pleased with how we played,” said Head Coach Kevin Vaita.

The Knights gained possession after the face-off, but the Firebirds quickly took control of the puck. About 5 minutes into the game, the Firebirds shot and scored, but the shot was ruled no goal due to a crease violation. After the Knights got a penalty, the Firebirds scored (7:44). In the last minute of the period, the Firebirds scored again, extending their lead 2-0 (40.7). At the end of the period, the Firebirds led in shots on goal 16-4.

It was mostly a game of defense because they were dominant on offense

— George Boyle

“I think we played good. It was mostly a game of defense because they were dominant on offense. We could have had better passing and done a better job of getting open to get more shots on goal,” said senior George Boyle.

Senior Jake Nelson got a penalty causing a 2 minute power play (9:35). The power play gave the Firebirds an advantage and cost the Knights a goal (8:02). The Firebirds put pressure on the Knights’ defense scoring two more times in the period (6:46, 5:25). After the Firebirds third goal of the period Boyle immediately took control of the puck and scored for the Knights (5:05). With the Knights finally on the board, the second period ended with the Firebirds still leading the Knights 5-1. They led in shots on goal again, this time 17-4.

“I got a 90 for save percentage, so I think I played pretty well. I think for next game, the defense can work on stopping the other team so there’s less shots on goal,” said senior goalie Andrew Zanoni.

In the third period, the Firebirds and the Knights were equally as strong on defense. Even though the Firebirds had more shots on goal, neither team was able to score and the game ended 5-1.

“Each game we look to get better and better. We’ve got about 7 weeks left of our regular season, and then the playoffs start. [We need to] continue to focus on getting better defensively, on special teams, and offensively in the zone. That’s what we are looking to do, just collectively get better and better, game after game,” said Vaita.