Henley Committed to Delaware and Self Improvement


Sierrah Edwards

Justis Henley and coach Kevin Zebliun pose after winning 45-35 against Pennridge High School

Quarterback, wide receiver, and cornerback. Tackles, touchdowns, interceptions! Justis Henley does it all. Contributing and being dedicated to the football team are his tools for finishing up his last year at North Penn High School. Also known as “Boots,” Henley has gone four full years as one of North Penn’s best football players.

Henley’s mother signed him up for a little league team when he was just six years old, and since then the football field has been his second home. With one special lady that has always stood behind him, he feels there’s nothing impossible.

My mom is my motivation, she’s my backbone. I play every game with my mom’s voice in the back of my head. I just want her to be proud of me

— Justis Henley

“My mom is my motivation, she’s my backbone. I play every game with my mom’s voice in the back of my head. I just want her to be proud of me,” said Henley.

Knowing that football is dangerous and unpredictable, it’s his passion.

“This year I’m focused on scholarships and becoming a man. I won’t think about injuries, injuries can come and go, and they won’t be able to stop me,” said Henley.

He uses Odell Beckham as inspiration on the field and the Cowboys as an example to stay connected to his teammates. There’s not one person on North Penn’s football team he doesn’t consider to be his brother. Staying connected and communicating with his teammates is what’s most important to him. Henley, who has verbally committed to play football at the University of Delaware, hopes to carry these skills with him to the next level.

“I picked University of Delaware for so many reasons. The most important is for my education, but I feel like this might be my route to the NFL,” said Henley.

Though it was hard for Henley to choose between different schools, Delaware seemed to be the best fit.

“I’m happy I picked [this school] and I’m ready to start my new journey.”

Until he reaches Delaware, his focus is on the image he creates on and off the field. He wants kids and adults to be able to look at him and see “a black man who is growing everyday.” He tries to smile more and be less influenced by negativity.

“I feel like people let the negativity control them, and that’s why so many teenagers give up and quit today. I won’t ever let that happen to me. I can’t give up. There’s so many people looking at me, and there’s kids coming to these games looking up to me; I hear them calling my name. Giving up? Just not me.”

Henley will continue to thrive wherever he goes because of his drive and work ethic. Until his departure in August, he will continue to work hard on and off the field in order to better himself.

“I just have to stick to setting my goals and focus on becoming a man.”