Kee to fantasy championship: Kee Min’s week 6 fantasy football report

Kee Min, Staff Writer

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One of the most overrated stats that everyone seems to love in football is projected points. They do everything to get more projected points than their opponent, and it’s quite obsessive. Here is an example of this week’s projected points for some players according to ESPN


Jake Locker vs. the Jaguars: projected 20 points

Aaron Rodgers vs. the Vikings: projected 16 points


Are you going to bench Mr. Discount Double Check for questionable Jake Locker? I mean, Jacksonville, but there is no way that’s happening.


Mohamed Sanu vs. the Panthers: projected 14 points

Brandon Marshall vs. the Falcons: projected 12 points


You are not benching your studs.


Projections do not matter. You cannot rely on what other people are telling you. It is ultimately your team, and your decision.


It’s not just projections.


I’ve played fantasy baseball long enough to know that wins do not tell the real story. Yes, it is probably the most attractive stats but the pitchers cannot singlehandedly decide the outcome of the game. Even if you pitch a perfect game through thirteen innings, if your offense can’t get it done, the W isn’t going to come.


There are many deceiving stats like these everywhere. Let’s say a wide receiver got 15 points one week. Good, solid performance. Nothing to cry about. However, what if he caught one 90-yard touchdown? Would you trust him week in and week out for similar production? One play can bloat a statline for anyone. To be a good fantasy player, you need to closely look into everything.


Players I LOVE

QB Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals: IF, IF he plays, he is a good option. Washington secondaries can make a quarterback look good like make ups can make a girl shine bright like a diamond.


QB Eli Manning, New York Giants: The City of Brotherly Love has allowed the most passing touchdowns this season. Also, he is known to eat the birds alive, averaging over 250 yards with over 2 TDs. I’m all in on the Giants offense this week.


QB Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins: To be honest, he hasn’t really impressed me. He has just been too inconsistent. However, the Cardinals have been surprisingly vulnerable in the air. They have allowed most yards per game in the air behind… You guessed it. The Jacksonville Jaguars.


RB Knowshon Moreno, Miami Dolphins: Surprise! He is back. Not 100%, with a brace on his arm, but nonetheless, it is a good sign. Whether it would be Lamar Miller or Knowshon Moreno, they have a great matchup against the Packers defense that looks just as lost in stopping run as Americans in England watching football. Yeah.


RB Branden Oliver, San Diego Chargers: Don’t get me wrong. He probably has his best game of his season, if not his career, last week. However, just the volume of touches he is going to get is enough for him the earn his spot in my glorious list. Against the Oakland defense that has allowed the second most yards on the ground, he might go for the back-to-back performances.


RB Andre Williams, New York Giants: Benny Cunningham got double digit points against the Eagles while playing half of the game. Benny. Cunningham. Double digits. Half of the game. Loving the G-man this week. Keep’em coming baby.


WR Wes Welker, Denver Broncos: Oh, the Broncos are playing the Jets this week? Peyton against the team that allowed second most touchdowns in the air… Lovely. Welcome to the list Peyton. Wait, that’s too obvious. Hm. Demaryius? No, that’s a no brainer… So is Julius Thomas… Emmanuel Sanders too. Do they have anyone else? Ermmm …. Oh yeah! They signed Wes Welker this off season. Whew. That was close.


WR Kendall Wright, Tennessee Titans: Didn’t know that I could misspell Tennessee. Anyway, Kendall Wright showed up last game! He went off against the Browns, catching two touchdowns, and you know, the Jaguars…


WR Rueben Randle, New York Giants: I could include Larry Donnell here if I wanted to, but I think you get my point. He has been getting tons of targets, and it’s been paying off. Next to Donnell, he is also a most reliable red zone target in New York. Expect similar performance from last week.


WR Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens: Is patience really virtue, or is it all just a one big lie? He is getting plenty of targets, but drawing more penalties that catches. While that might help the Ravens, it’s not helping the fantasy owners. The Bucs have allowed third most yards in the air. Maybe, just maybe this time.


WR Markus Wheaton, Pittsburgh Steelers: Am I ever going to stop picking him? Is Geno Smith a reliable quarterback? Do we love the new cookies? Are the Eagles ever going to win the Super Bowl? Is calculus fun? The answer is no. Remember the first week, when he torched the Browns for 97 yards? Guess who the Steelers are playing this week?


TE Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans: Would you have believed me if I told that he was going to be a top-10 tight end? Am I going to stop using questions to fill up spaces so it would look like I’m actually putting effort into this? Again kids, the answer is no. It partially depends on who’s starting as the signal caller for the Titans, but you know, the Jaguars.


TE Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys: In real life, he is one of the most valuable tight end. In fantasy, eh. He is a tight end that doesn’t get too much touchdowns and relies on yardage, which he has been struggling to get. The Seahawks has been surprisingly poor against the opposing tight ends, allowing fourth most fantasy points to them.


Baltimore Ravens D/ST: This year, the defense that faced the Buccaneers has average double digit points against them, and the Ravens are definitely NOT pushovers. Mike Glennon might get eaten alive.


St. Louis Rams D/ST: The Niners have been riding the Frank Gore train, but if they can’t figure it out in the air soon, this is going to be a frustrating game for them.


Players I HATE


QB Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings: He has a great game against the Falcons, but that’s not terribly difficult. Hobbling rookie quarterback against one of the meanest defenses in the league? No thanks, I’ll pass.


QB Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers: Is he really a mobile quarterback? He has yet to top 20 rushing yards a game this season, and lost his prowess as double threat. Plus, going against the Bengals D that is fourth in interceptions this year isn’t going to help. Not a starter.


RB Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: It has been a very disappointing season for Muscle Hamster, as he has been plagued by injuries and now going up the Ravens defense that allowed fourth-least points against opposing running backs and not allowed more than 68 yards to any RBs.


RB Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins: He was miserable last week against the Seahawks, but there is so much he can do when the team is down all the time. That’s not the problem here. The Cardinals have allowed fifth-least fantasy points against opposing running backs along with third lowest yards per game and yards per carry.


RB Andre Ellington, Arizona Cardinals: This sort of depends on Carson Palmer situation. If he is starting, passing game will come alive. If he is not, Ellington might be featured more than usual. However, last week was the only time this year that he has topped 10 points a game this season and Washington has been better than you think on the ground.


WR Andre Johnson, Houston Texans: Outperformed by DeAndre Hopkins, he slid in the depth chart to WR2 spot. He is yet to have a touchdown, hasn’t hit 100 yard mark, and is continuously injured. Going against the Colts that held Steve Smith to 34 yards and a fumble isn’t exactly an ideal matchup to get back on the track.


WR Sammy Watkins, Buffalo Bills: Even with the quarterback change, he still had the most targets. However, the Patriots secondary has been absolutely fantastic, as they are currently the No. 1 against the pass this season. It’s not his talent. It’s the quarterback and the matchup.


WR Percy Harvin, Seattle Seahawks: Oh. My. Lord. He had three touchdown that was called back. THREE. Let me spell that out for you. T-H-R-E-E. The Cowboys were the butt of all jokes before the season started, but they have been proving a lot of people wrong by playing a very good pass defense, allowing sixth least points to opposing receivers.


WR Kelvin Benjamin, Carolina Panthers: The young wideout has been stellar this season, but was simply overmatched by fellow rookie Kyle Fuller, who is in the middle of a fantastic season. The Bengals have allowed the least touchdowns in the air this season, only allowing four the whole year.


TE Martellus Bennett, Chicago Bears: Where did he go??? He pulled a Houdini act and POOF disappeared. He was like Waldo last game. While the Falcons have been having a trouble stopping a run, they allowed second least touchdowns in the air and least points against the opposing tight ends. Expect the Bears to utilize Matt Forte as much as possible.


TE Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles: After stellar week one, he has done nothing to blow anyone’s socks off. While being constantly utilized in Chip Kelly’s offense keeps him valuable, as poor as the Giants have been, they have allowed second least points against tight ends.


Houston Texans D/ST: Warning. Warning. Andrew Luck alert. Evacuate as soon as possible.


Carolina Panthers D/ST: The Panthers have not been the Panthers this season, as they have been very inconsistent. I’m not a fan of Andy Dalton and A. J. Green is not 100%, but I feel like Dalton can pick apart this secondary.