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Voting for The Knight Crier’s Promposal Contest begins today! Be sure to vote for your favorite candidates beginning today.

All of last week, The Knight Crier received entries for our promposal contest. In the article below, you will see all of the entries which adhered to our rules. Voting will begin today, April 19th, starting at 8 am and ending at 3 pm on April 20th. There is no limit to how many votes you can cast. Feel free to vote for any promposal as much as you’d like. The winners will be announced on Thursday, April 21st in the morning announcements. Voting will be available on the homepage.

Now, for the entries:

Chris LaRosa’s Promposal


Kaylee always talks about being a strong, smart, and beautiful woman in STEM. She had just accepted her offer to Purdue University where she’ll be in the Women in Engineering Community. It was fitting to do a promposal in H-003, the core of the NPHS Engineering Department, with a women in STEM phrase, a Purdue shirt, and some hand-picked flowers.


Danny Myers’s Promposal
Danny Myers made t-shirts for Caitlin Tecklin’s whole family including her deaf parents to ask her to prom in American Sign Language spelling out P R O M!







Brigid Magee-Skinner’s Promposal


I did a promposal for Julia Kim and it was like a big scavenger hunt! There were Spotify QR codes for clues to each spot and a gift for each of them too. She started at the high school and got a stuffed animal, went to Kung-Fu Tea and got her favorite drink, went to Barnes & Nobles to get a book, then went to the park for a flower pot and the final spot on the bridge. I burned a CD for the end with the poster too, and she said yes! She made the video so it’s from her perspective.


Gavin Zanck’s Promposal

I got Mr. Jones and the boys track team to help me out with this. Spelling “Prom?” on the new field. 🙂












Justin Yothers Promposal









Scott Klein’s Promposal


In my promposal, I had around 20 friends go to the girl’s lacrosse game, and then at the end of the game I had five friends write out P-R-O-M-? and I held up the sign and yelled her name. Then she ran around the field and came over to me. Lastly, I read out what I wrote on the sign and she said yes.

Once again, voting will be available on the homepage today at 8 am.

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