Cast your votes in NPHS’s upcoming mock election


Hannah Nguyen

On Thursday, October 29th, students and staff will be able to participate in a Mock Election.

TOWAMENCIN — This upcoming election is said to be one of the most important elections in history, and even if you’re not eligible to cast your vote, you can still participate in this year’s Mock Election hosted by North Penn this Thursday, October 29th.

“We want to get a pulse on how students and staff feel about the election. [This mock election] gives you elected officials from the two main parties, Democrat and Republican, and it also gives some people from third parties, Green Party and Libertarian,” Catherine Cavanaugh, one of the lead organizers for the Mock Election, said.

The Mock Election will be done through Google Forms, which will be sent through email on Thursday. On Friday, the results will be announced.

Once you receive the link, you will enter your North Penn ID number, grade level (students only), gender, and town of residence on the first page. Specific ballots would be made based on the town chosen. 

Students and staff will be able to vote for a President and Vice President, Congressional District Representative, Attorney General, Auditor General, State Treasurer, and District Representative. 

While participating is optional, it’s still a great way to identify trends between staff members and grade levels.

“It’s optional but Pennsylvania is a swing state, it’s hard to know how it’s going to go. We’re in a relatively blue area, but there have been giant flips and this election cycle is not normal. What we’re trying to do is understand what the students want or what teachers want or if there’s a split between what a junior wants and what a staff member wants,” Cavanaugh said. “It’s about having a little bit of fun and trying to get some results to see how close we are to picking a winner.”

“Because this is an election season where we don’t have many people who are able to vote because not many people at the high school are over 18, it can give you the experience of participating in your civic duty by voting in a mock election. It’s introducing some students to what it might look like in the future,” Riley Stanton, another lead organizer, said.