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Online News Day or Knight - Official news site of North Penn High School - 1340 Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA

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Board discusses selling movie lots during March finance meeting

Kate Miller
Board discusses movie plots owned by North Penn School District during the March finance meeting.

LANSDALE- March’s finance meeting was held at the North Penn School District Educational Center on Tuesday, March 12th. The board discussed their annual tax rebate program and the possibility of selling “movie lots” owned by the district.

The board reviewed the budget transfers for the month of February, totaling to $279,128.36. Department leaders are not permitted to overspend their budget unless otherwise approved under specific circumstances. 

Mr. Stephen Skrocki, Chief Financial Officer, reviewed the status of the current tax rebate program and how this data will impact the 2024-2025 rebate program. Skrocki shared a presentation with the board regarding information, eligibility, and budget determination.

The program’s objective is to provide tax relief for the community with the greatest need within the district, in relation to the Pennsylvania Property Tax and Rent Rebate Program. North Penn residents over the age of 65, widows or widowers over the age of 50, and people permanently disabled over the age of 18 are all entitled to participate in the tax rebate program. 

The maximum household rebate is $650, but supplements can raise this number to $975. All personal income is accounted for and ½ of Social Security income is accounted for. The program is broken down into 4 brackets, depending on income, of what residents are entitled to.

For the past five years, North Penn’s tax rebate program’s average rebate has surpassed the average tax increase. The 2022-2023 rebate offered $521 compared to the average tax increase of $139. The applicant breakdown consists of 77% homeowners, 12% renters, and 11% hybrid.

The average tax rebate vs. average tax increase since 2018.


The budget is determined by multiplying the total payments by the state, the projected participation rate, and the reimbursement percentage. More information regarding the tax rebate program can be found in this presentation or at

The tuition for the North Montco Technical Career Center is increasing by 4.71%, but including the $238,000 for building improvements, tuition rates will go up a total of 6.96%. Due to these necessary improvements, North Penn’s tuition share will increase 8.45%. The overall general fund budget will increase by 6.42%.The Joint Operating Committee has also approved the renovation of the weight room to create a physical therapy/sports medicine classroom and lab.

Dr. Todd Bauer and Skrocki gave a presentation to the board about parcels of land owned by the district known as the “movie lots”. The movie lots are small portions of land that were given away by movie theaters as an incentive to go see movies. All of the parcels have either been gifted to the district or purchased for a small sum of money. As of right now, the board does not have a need for these parcels of land so it is occupied by farming. The plot of land totals 133 parcels, a little over half an acre, and the total acquisition price of the land is $79,671. The district is looking to sell the land because, as of right now, they do not have an immediate need for it and see no future benefits. The idea of a transportation center was debated, but due to incorrect zoning it is not possible. 

Due to Section 7-707 of the school code, the district may only sell this land through public auction, sealed bids, or private sale. The sale of the land may only be discussed in a public setting and it must be determined that this land is unused and unnecessary by the school board. Conversations about the movie lots will continue during the March action meeting.

Mr. Ron Linke delivered a presentation about the federal stimulus update. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the district was awarded $19,092,188. The board discussed which grants have been used and/or expired and how much of the general federal funding the board has to spend for the following school year.

Skrocki provided the board with an update on the bond underwriter process. The timeline is as follows: 

March 1st- RFP released

March 22nd- Responses due

March 25th- Virtual Interviews 

April 2nd- Second round of interviews

April 8th- Recommendation by the Finance Committee

April 18th- Board approval of underwriters

All motions were carried out for review for the upcoming action meeting taking place on March 21st, 2024. Other information can be found in Board Docs.

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