Mrs. Melanie Cassar graduates from teaching


Angela Tessitore

As Mrs. Melanie Cassar retires this year, she is excited for the new opportunities and adventures that await her.

TOWAMENCIN- “I feel like I’m not really retiring. I’m graduating and moving on to the next stage of my life.”

The young-hearted Mrs. Melanie Cassar is “graduating” this year, but that does not mean she is done experiencing new opportunities and hobbies.

Her career at North Penn High School has spanned three decades. She worked as a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher for 23 years. For the past 7 years, Cassar has worked as a coordinator for the Gifted Resource and Mentorship program.

“When Mr. Hinz was here, he asked me if I would consider doing gifted. I really thought he meant gifted FCS,” chuckled Cassar. “It’s been a really nice change from the classroom working with a whole different group of students.”

Cassar graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Family and Consumer Sciences degree and originally planned on spending her entire career in that field. The switch to Gifted Resource came as a surprise, allowing Cassar to explore working with different students and staff members.

North Penn High School has been like a home to Cassar’s family, with both her kids and husband graduating from North Penn. Cassar is now ready to begin the next stage of her life, relaxing and enjoying the many hobbies she loves to do.

“I feel young and very fortunate to be able to retire at my age and at 30 years [of teaching]. It’s a good time to spend time with family and have another adventure,” explained Cassar.

Cassar and her family are traveling to the island of Curacao this summer where she will be snorkeling and scuba diving. Cassar has an extensive bucket list of places to visit like Hawaii and Italy. Her vacations will be during the off season of her gardening.

“I am a very adventurous person, so I will be doing something outdoors. My new attire will probably be flannel shirts, blue jeans, and muck boots. That is what I see myself in,” laughed Cassar.

Cassar’s almost two acre yard in Towamencin Township allows her to grow a variety of organic fruits and vegetables that the North Penn staff love to receive, including her infamous refrigerated pickles and delicious jams. A part time job at a greenhouse might also be in Cassar’s future.

“I think I am a very earthy person. Gardening grounds me and gives me time to process my day. It’s healthy, I am outdoors, and it is fresh air,” added Cassar.

The Cassar home is also shared by eight chickens and four cats. Her cats are a lesser known breed called LaPerm. Cassar and her husband have become ambassadors for the breed and show them in cat shows across Calgary, Canada.

“During the fall and winter season, there are cat shows all over the place. We take these cats and promote the breed. It’s something my husband and I do and it’s kind of a little getaway,” commented Cassar.

Cassar sews her own crafts, called Cassar’s Creations, and plans on selling them at craft shows. She also dabbles in art and may attend painting or pottery classes at a local college.

“Retirement is a new stage and a new opportunity to try all those things that I’ve been longing to do,” said Cassar

If there is one thing to assume about Cassar, it’s that she will never stop feeding her adventurous nature, and now is the time to enjoy her long list of pastimes.