Enter KC Senior Promposal Contest


Allison Lacianca

Enter KC Promposal Contest!

Attention all prom ready seniors! The Knight Crier will be hosting a contest for the best promposal for the North Penn High School Senior Prom. The winner with the best promposal will win 2 free senior prom tickets! The tickets are valued at $75 each. The winner will be based on the number of votes received on our website, and will be notified and posted on the Knight Crier.

How to enter:

  • Send an email of a picture and short description of your creative and successful promposal to [email protected]
  • Entries must be received by Tuesday, April 9th at 3:00pm. (sorry, no late entries)
  • Please make sure the entries are school appropriate or they will not be entered into the contest.


  • Voting will take place on April 10th from 8am until April 11th 8pm; all entries that adhere to the rules outlined above will be posted on knightcrier.org
  • Voting will take place via a poll posted along with the entries.
  • Anyone may vote as many times as they want for any entry.
  • The winner will be announced April 12th via the Morning Show.


Look at previous entries in the contest from 2014 and 2016.