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Knight Crier

Update: Congrats to our contest winners, Nate Johnson and Tara Moffa. 

After reading through all of the entries, vote for who you think should win in the poll at the end of this page. Voting will end at midnight on Sunday, April 10th, and the winner will be announced on Monday, April 11th. the winner will be determined only by the number of votes, so encourage all of your friends and family to vote!

Alex Van and Dominique Mosley

alexdomprom“Take A Hike with Me to PROM” I drove 2.5 hours to Ricketts Glen Park and hiked for 11 miles with Dominique and a group of friends, then when we reached one of the most prominent waterfalls, I took out my sign while she was walking towards the waterfall and I came behind her and asked her to prom!






Cody Blattner and Abriel Smith

codyabrielpromMy name is Cody Blattner, and on Saturday, April 2nd, I asked my girlfriend Abriel Smith to senior prom. I took her to her favorite park (Fischer’s park), where I had a place in the forest decorated with streamers and balloons and other decorations. I held up a sign that said “Abriel, will you go to prom with me?” and gave her roses. I also baked sugar cookies and on each cookie I wrote a different letter to spell “Abriel, Prom?”





Morgan Brett and Kyle Shue


My boyfriend Kyle and I have been dating for the past four years. During Valentine’s Day weekend, Kyle and I visited a few colleges together and when we arrived home we opened Valentine’s Day presents together. When I opened my present, it was a booklet of pictures from the past four years, and if that didn’t make me happy enough, when I flipped to the last page there was an empty page with the question prom on it. I couldn’t have asked for a better promposal for my final year of high school!




Nate Johnson and Tara Moffa

natetarapromDuring the senior class trip, my friends and I were standing in front of Cinderella’s Castle and I had one of her friends get her shoe from the hotel and give it to me before we went to Magic Kingdom since it was going to be used for the promposal. Her friends led her down Main Street USA to me while I was waiting by the castle with a sign that said ” If the shoe fits will you be my Cinderella at prom?” I tried it on her and luckily the shoe fit and I’m taking my Cinderella to prom!




David Lucas and Alex Arnold

IMG_3286I, David Lucas, asked Alex Arnold to prom using a Easter egg hunt around H-pod that lead her to the exit of the girls gym near the rock wall where I was waiting ready to ask her to prom. I had a friend of mine take a video also.







Andrew Mikida and Megan Koeplinger

andrew megan promDuring the weekly morning show, I got a chance to give a special report about the upcoming Senior Prom, informing students to attend with their special someone to have the time of their lives, but little did anyone know that my girlfriend, Megan Koeplinger, was going to get prom posed to live on the morning show. A successful report? I think so!




Gabby Frost and Danny Lare


Since my boyfriend, Danny Lare, got me obsessed with Star Wars, I created a poster featuring two of my favorite things: BB-8 and puns. The poster took 3 hours to complete, which included drawing BB-8 by hand. Before Danny and I headed off to Easter dinner, I waited in front of my front door to get an answer of yes.




Sammi Peel and Blake Feingold

image1My best guy friend and I run together and he asked me to go sneaker shopping with him before we conquer broad street. I coordinated with friends of mine who work at the north wales running company and in the box, I taped a sign that said “this thought has been ‘running’ through my mind…prom?” and when he tried on sneakers, he read it.




Katie Solomon and Robert Gaibler


Since Robert currently goes to Boston University, he was not able to ask me here, but instead sent me everything. He got us tickets to Boston Calling, a music festival (my favorite thing) that we went to in September and will now be going to again this Memorial Day weekend. He also made a Boston themed prom sign. Can’t wait for both prom and to go back to Boston!!





Lauren Hall and Nick Dusing

laurenhallpromI went to Muhlenberg college to ask my boyfriend to prom. I surprised him by getting his roommates involved and delivered a note telling him to meet me where he endures blood, sweat, and tears. I waited on the soccer field with a sign and the word “prom” spelled out in cones.




Kimmie Di Nhong and RJ Wagstaff


He drove from Carlisle (2 hours away) to drop off and pick me up from practice (ended at nine that night) because we both had the same spring break so I gave him a tour of the school beforehand and then told him my friend got proposed to and that he should check it out. He came down with her and thought it was confusing that it sounded so much like our story and then he got it when I came out and was actually the one asking him to prom:)





Shawn Lee and Megan Nguyen
shawnmeganpromI planned a “secret flash mob” as my promposal. With keeping everything top secret and her close friends as backup dancers, my team and I practiced everyday for about a week after school.
With this “performance” for Megan Nguyen, I made sure to stall some time to hide the sign, chocolate, teddy-bear, and roses, have the audience ready, and the recorder ready by telling Megan to grab a bag from my car.
She said yes!

Brooke Allan and Alex Arena


Because of the Disney senior trip, we discussed our favorite Disney movies, and his was Aladdin. I asked Jasmine and Aladdin while in Morocco in Epcot to help me ask Alex to prom. I had the photo of Jasmine and Aladdin developed. Then, I created a poster that says “My wish is for you to come to prom with me”. The poster has the picture coming out of the genie lamp and the genie is “holding” the picture of Jasmine and Aladdin. I surprised Alex with the poster and some candy.



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  • Nate Johnson and Tara Moffa (47%, 13,345 Votes)
  • Shawn Lee and Megan Nguyen (38%, 10,655 Votes)
  • Gabby Frost and Danny Lare (5%, 1,337 Votes)
  • Morgan Brett and Kyle Shue (4%, 1,179 Votes)
  • Sammi Peel and Blake Feingold (3%, 763 Votes)
  • Brooke Allan and Alex Arena (1%, 328 Votes)
  • Alex Van and Dominique Mosley (1%, 261 Votes)
  • Katie Solomon and Robert Gaibler (1%, 201 Votes)
  • Andrew Mikida and Megan Koeplinger (1%, 150 Votes)
  • Cody Blattner and Abriel Smith (0%, 42 Votes)
  • David Lucas and Alex Arnold (0%, 39 Votes)
  • Lauren Hall and Nick Dusing (0%, 29 Votes)
  • Kimmie Di Nhong and RJ Wagstaff (0%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 28,348

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