North Penn JROTC meeting excellence

A North Penn Cadet being inspected by Major Robert Atkins, the regional JROTC inspector.

Every three years, the regional JROTC inspector, Major Robert Atkins, pays a visit to North Penn High school. As a retired Air Force member, he knows what to look for and what to expect coming into the 70+ group of JROTC members in the North Penn program. A very intense lineup is followed by questions, presentations, and drills to showcase how hard they have been working since the last inspection.

“Major Atkins is the regional inspector for the JROTC so he visits many schools so we are just a pebble in the sand of all these programs. The inspection is a direct reflection of North Penn and our Program; he looks for the little things because if you can’t cover the basics how are you going to be ready for the bigger things to come,” explained Chief Sullivan.

Marissa Werner
Cadets precisely lined up for inspection.

The way you carry yourself throughout these inspections says a lot about your improvement to the program. Life skills, challenges, and social skills are all prime components of these triennial inspections. During the inspection, the cadets help each other finalize trivial points before Major Atkins walks to every single one of them. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel (C/LTCOL) Fee follows behind Major to assist and write down any observations Atkins remarks.  

The poker faces of the cadets coerce the gym with sophistication, something they have been practicing weekly throughout the years leading up to this. This all day event consists of not only the examination of the cadets, but also a follow up on the goals they have aimed for, accomplishments, their marching ability, questions to and from Atkins, and even a report with Dr. Bauer.

Before the Top Leaders of the program escort Atkins to a seperate room, he brings them all together to focus in on the importance of the program. He touches on the importance of the uniform and why you wear it, because everyone has a different reason, whether it be for you, someone you are honoring, or anything else.

The Top leaders take center stage as they present Atkins with a report of how they are accomplishing their goals. The main topics included their community service hours. They have engaged in over 60 events of service this year in and outside of the school day.

“Our goal is to show off our program to the Air force so we can show not just North Penn but all the great things our cadets are doing. These inspections are only once every three years so we have three years to prep for the next one and to showcase all the great things our cadets have done over those years,” furthered Major Jean-Andre Parmiter.

As they stood out in their inspection, and met excellence in their drill segment, there was little flaw to the program. As the top leaders and cadets work hard to help everything run smoothly, their numbers in members have decreased below JROTC standards. With interest sparking in the middle schools, they hope to find dedicated members who will help them increase their already high expectations.