Conversations with Curt now open to students

All NPHS Students invited to meet with Dr. Dietrich on November 16th,


NPHS seniors Emily Liu and Samuel Lee were awarded the National Merit $2500 Scholarship in March. The two will continue their education at the University of Pennsylvania this fall.

TOWAMENCIN – Many students at North Penn High School cannot vote yet. In most cases, students do not feel empowered when it comes to making decisions that affect them on a daily basis. North Penn School District Superintendent Dr. Curt Dietrich recognizes these realities, and wants to give high school students the opportunity to have their voices heard.  

On Thursday, November 16th, Dr. Dietrich will be available in the North Penn High School auditorium right after school, to give students someone they can talk to. Students are invited to speak with Dietrich on school related topics, such as academics, extra curricular activities, facilities, and any constructive topic of concern.

In past years, Dietrich has met predominantly with staff members and a select group of students. However, he wanted to extend the opportunity to speak to all students.

“I got good feedback at those [staff] meetings. I value what people have to say, and it’s important to know that they can always tell me whatever it is that’s on their mind,” explained Dietrich, who being a former principal, values student interaction and has great admiration for students.

Dietrich has worn many hats in the realm of education, and because of his experience at different levels, he’s seen the decision making process from many different angles. Dietrich has been a science teacher, a school board member, a school board president, a high school principal, an assistant superintendent, and has presided over the North Penn School District since 2009. Since becoming superintendent, Dietrich has missed the direct student contact that he encountered in previous roles. Dietrich recognizes that North Penn does a lot of things well, but knows that students likely understand where the district can do better.  

“I think very highly of North Penn School District, but I can’t claim that we are best in class in everything we do, there’s always room for improvement,” said Dietrich.

The superintendent hopes to encounter a lot of positive feedback, but is more than welcome to hearing suggestions about making improvements.

“I’m fully trusting that students will tell it like it is,” stated Dietrich, who is eager to hear students out later this month.

WHAT: Open student conversations with Dr. Dietrich  

WHO: Any NPHS student

WHERE: NPHS Auditorium

WHEN: Thursday, November 16th – After School