NPHS welcomes parents for Back to School Night

Señor Vidal explaining his goals and expectations for the upcoming year.

Another school year, another successful back to school night. Parents of children in grades ten to twelve were welcomed to the high school to experience their child’s day to day life when they aren’t at home. Although it was a much shorter time period than a regular school day here at North Penn, parents were still able to go through their child’s schedule.  Along with meeting the teachers, parents were able to observe the learning environment and expectations for the year given by the teachers for a better understanding of their life at school.

Many alumni came back to witness their own high school in the eyes of their children. Most were surprised by the largeness of the school with the added K-pod that they didn’t have. Along with that, they were also confused with a couple other changes like where the old pool was and all the new technology in the classrooms but were overall excited to be back to familiar hallways.

“What really surprised me was how much more inclusion and diversity the school has now, and I love it,” stated North Penn alumni Wendy Melchior and husband Steve.

The learning environment North Penn has to offer shocked some parents for the better. Teachers are more casual in that they understand the stress of high school students, especially those who are active in many extracurriculars. Many were surprised by the teachers’ commitment to the school with some of them working here for over 20 years! And after those 20+ years, teachers still support and encourage students and help them get on the right path for college.

“I loved that the teachers are so passionate and like to work with kids. Even after a long day they still show that they are interested in their students learning and growing,” said Melchior.  Teachers are still firm on guidelines and expectations but are not strict and allow students to learn and be inspired how they want to, not how a book says to.

JROTC member giving helpful directions to a parent in need.

Hundreds of parents roamed the halls last night trying to achieve their goal of getting to the right class at the right time. Many had already gotten lost before going to their first assigned room. To their advantage, North Penn’s JROTC was there to lend a helping hand by giving the directions for these many parents. Let alone getting lost, four minutes was certainly not enough to get from the pool to B-pod.

Any free time the parents had at back to school night was absorbed by clubs showcasing their events and other organizations. Chorus, key club, theater, improv club and many others appeared in the lobby to spread knowledge about their part in the community and school.

The local Hatfield Police Department was also there to answer questions and spread support for our valuable police officers. Parents were also able to send their kid a cookie gram in the library. Every cookie gram is equal to one free cookie in the cafeteria!

Even though it is fall now, many parents and students there indicated some complaints on the temperature. Many rooms were hot and stuffy and was a big distraction to many trying to listen in on the teacher. Heading to Knight Time first was also an extra stressor for the parents who now had one more room to locate in our huge school.

Junior class principal Mr. Stefan Muller helping to clear up any confusion.

“The staff and JROTC were so helpful tonight, they were very proactive in terms of finding the next room” stated Mr. and Mrs. Murphy.

More time in each room would have been appreciated because most parents felt rushed. But the teachers were ready for a short time and got done their overview just in time before the next bell rang.

“Back to school night has to be one of my favorites because as administrative we don’t have to do that much, we just stand here and get to talk to people and help them find their rooms. The parents are excited to meet the teachers and it is really an all around positive night because it is easy and are quick shots of each room that has little room left for disappointment,” explained Mr. Stefan Muller, the Junior class’s assistant principal.