Why we celebrate Earth Day

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Today is the annual celebration of Earth Day, the world’s largest environmental movement. As we breeze over this Monday, it might be a good idea to take time to think about what Earth Day really means and how we can help make our earth a better place.

First, a little history on the day itself. The first Earth Day was in 1970, organized originally by Denis Hayes. This was sparked by the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969, which killed over 10,000 birds and fish. Activists began to mobilize to speak out about environmental education and regulations, as well as Earth Day.

The first Earth Day celebrations were mainly in colleges and universities, as well as secondary schools and communities all over the United States. Today, the holiday is recognized in 192 countries and has been named the largest secular holiday in the world.

This day is usually forgotten, but with the current climate concerns and how we treat our planet, we should pay more attention to the weight of this holiday. This is a time to think about what we can do in our daily lives to help save our planet. This day was created to spread awareness and hopefully improve how we treat the earth.

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