Sweet and sour reviews: Mom’s Water Ice


An evening at Mom’s Water Ice!

With summer just around the corner, water ice has quickly become a fan favorite in North Penn. Today we reviewed Mom’s Water Ice, a local Italian ice business in the heart of Hatfield. We reviewed five interesting flavors and ranked them from best to worst. 

To start, when we arrived, there was a decent amount of people for a weeknight. The service from the girls working was beyond exceptional as they moved through customers efficiently and helped us decide on some delicious flavors to try.

Flavors we tried at Mom’s Water Ice!

Lime- 9/10

The first thing we noticed about this flavor was its vibrant color. The neon green shade was not only appealing to the eye but made the lime flavor really stand out. Although unexpected, this was one of our favorite flavors. It didn’t have the tart taste that customers would usually expect from something lime flavored and was surprisingly sweet. This ice exceeded our expectations, and we will definitely be ordering again.

Blue Raspberry- 6.5/10

This ice also had a beautiful bright blue color. The flavor had potential, but we found ourselves wanting more of something on the ice. It didn’t have much of a prominent taste and did not compare to the other flavors that we tried.

Sour Cherry Apple- 8/10

Cherry apple was definitely the first thing you thought of when seeing this bright red ice. The mix of the cherry and sour apple flavors gave a bitter taste but in a great way. The flavors were very unexpected but came together so well. We really enjoyed this flavor, and it was one of our favorites. 

Cappuccino Chocolate Chip- 2/10 

As coffee lovers, when we saw this on the menu, we needed to try it. However, we were very disappointed in the taste. The coffee taste was very artificial and overpowering, and it had no sweetness to it. This ice did not satisfy, and next time we will kindly pass on it. 

 Strawberry Mango- 10/10

This ice was by far our favorite. The sweetness of the mango and strawberry paired together nicely and made for a very sweet summer treat. The ice was very smooth compared to the others and was the only one we confidently finished. Next time we return, we know exactly what we will be ordering.