Wawa coming to North Penn High School


After a severe lack of sales at the new North Penn school store located in the cafeteria, there has been a decision to replace it with a fully functional Wawa. 

With the success of the Brumbaugh Challenge shirt, FBLA had extreme hopes that their sales would stay steady after the sale. With Weis Markets releasing a new line of generic $10 North Penn merchandise, it has been hard for the school store to compete. 

“We are very disappointed to announce that the school store will be closing officially Friday, March 31st, after a lack of sales. I hope the Wawa has better luck than we did,”  the FBLA president stated. 

Construction on the Wawa will begin immediately after closing on April 1st. It will have all of the snacks students need to get through the day and 3 ordering kiosks that link to the cafeteria. 

“We hope to get this project done by the end of students’ spring break, so they can enjoy the many joys of a Wawa,” John Smith, the head of construction, exclaimed.

More information about the menu items will be released closer to the opening date.