Valedictorian to be determined by new standards


TOWAMENCIN – The number one spot in the class rank usually dictates the valedictorian for a graduating class each year. With the elimination of class rank, North Penn needed a more majestic way to determine the true ruler of the graduating class of 2023. 

Having a prom king and queen is a common tradition at most high schools. For North Penn, prom king and queen has never been a part of the many traditions of prom. 

“All the royal family scandals really made me hesitate to have a king and queen here, but if there was some way to add some more-than-symbolic meaning to it, I guess I’d be willing to give it a try,” a NPHS administrator stated. 

The administrator realized that in order to balance the rituals of high school with his concerns, he would have to overcome this obstacle by coming up with a way to make it all work. 

For the first time at North Penn, there will be a prom king and queen. But there is a twist – Between those winners, the student with the most votes will be declared this year’s valedictorian. 

“North Penn has such a high competition level which is why we got rid of class rank in the first place. Considering this intensity in competition, popularity votes will not determine the prom king and queen. A dance-off will,” the current principal announced. 

You read that right! Our valedictorians will now be determined by who can dance the best. Bring your dance moves to prom because there will be a dance-off intermission where students will have to dance their way to royalty, and to the podium at graduation. The students will base their votes on the quality of the students’ dance moves. 

Campaigning for voting will begin on April 1. Post on your Instagram story and tag @npknightcrier in order to enter the battle to become the one and only prom king or queen and valedictorian.