Teachers found selling vocab books, playing 24, and diagramming sentences in bathroom sting operation


Teachers aren’t showing up to class, and now security and amdin know why!

If you haven’t heard the term ¨Tardy Teaching¨ yet than consider yourself lucky, As around North Penn there has been a new phenomenon with the teaching staff. Teachers are cutting class, and admin and security appears to have found out what’s going on. 

A student who wishes to remain anonymous came to The Knight Crier with information about new accusations of teachers cutting class.

“Mr.Clauss would always be about 7 minutes late to class for fourth period¨ said the whistleblower. “And when he finally arrived, he had no explanation for where he was.” 

This led students to wonder why he was so late.

“One day I stuck my head outside the class door; I didn’t see much when I originally looked as I didn’t know where to look¨ the student said. ¨Although when I looked at the bathroom I noticed a group of teachers all speeding off in different ways.¨

¨That was the point I knew something was wrong, I decided to go to my home office to make a report on the group,¨ the student explained. .

The conclusive decision among the administration was to set up a sting operation in the bathroom the teachers grouped at, utilizing two assistant principals and two security guards.

Just seconds before the fourth-period late bell ended, the two security guards noticed the sound of heels and keys jingling towards the bathroom. In walks Mrs. Dixon, , Mrs. McGinley, and Mrs. Grunmeier. 

¨So how much supply do you have left,¨ Is the first word they hear as the staff walks in the bathroom, unable to make out the voice of who’s talking, or understand what they’re saying. 

The guards hustle into the bathroom stalls, ¨Enough to keep everyone satisfied¨ another says, ¨We only need to sell them for $5 each to make plenty of profit…¨ Before the conversation can continue one of the guards flushes the toilet as if he´d used it and casually walks out of the stall.

The teacher’s demeanor immediately changes from conversational and comfortable, to strictly uneasy and silent.

He walks over to the sink to wash his hands, ¨Do you guys have somewhere to be?¨ He notices Mrs.Grunmeier slowly making her way out of the bathroom. 

Yet almost coinciding with the pattern of her footsteps, the other guard emerges. Giving the word on his radio for the principals to make their way over.

The principals run over and catch all the teachers trying to escape from security. 

As they’re brought into the office the most horrendous trade in school was uncovered. 

It turns out the teachers had been buying and selling supplies from vocab books, pencils, sharpeners, and classroom decorations! In fact, the underground vocab book market is something that nobody was aware of before this investigation. One teacher is even known to have sold a teachers’ edition! And if that’s not bad enough, there have been two instances of teachers found in A-pod bathrooms huddling in the stalls and diagramming sentences. Sentence diagramming has been gone from high schools for over a decade, but it looks like teachers have re-discovered this English class addiction. 

In E-Pod, three math teachers were recently discovered, during a routine hall sweep, playing an intense game of 24 while they were all supposed to be doing their cafeteria duty assignments. 

If you haven’t heard the term ¨teacher tardy¨ then now you know the story, controlled by the staff under the noses of other staff.