Students aren’t the only thing being swept up in the new hallway initiative


Not even two weeks after administering the hallway pass crackdown students decided they’ve had enough and have taken a stand.

Due to the number of students roaming the halls during their class periods, Administrators have started what they call “Hallway Sweeps.” What this means is that during specific days groups of Staff members will be walking the halls checking students’ passes. This new procedure was set in hopes of lessening the number of students out of their classes, but it seemed to work opposite.

After finding out about this new protocol students have gone manic.The hallway sweeps have turned into teacher-student sweeping battles. Brooms have been appearing everywhere. On Thursday morning one eye witness actually witnessed a student and teacher racing down the hallway with massive brooms, bumping each other into the lockers as they swept the hallway at a pace not seen since Gino Santoro was in his early thirties.

“It was so weird, I was giving a vocab test to my students and we all started hearing and yelling and clanking noises. I wasn’t sure what it was so I called the security office to come check it out,” Mrs. DIxon explained.

Kpod is normally a more quiet pod compared to others so when security started receiving these reports they quickly went to investigate.

“I was rounding the stairs to the third floor Kpod and then I heard it too. It sounded like a zoo with all the noise that was coming from that hall,” Bernie Jones stated. “As I got to the top of the stairs I looked around the corner and that’s when I saw it, Mr. King and Jess Wendowski fighting each other with brooms.”

“It was crazy, I was just trying to go to the bathroom and I saw a teacher and a student broom-jousting,” Carmen Franco stated.

One unintended positive outcome of this new hall sweep battle mania is not lost on the custodial staff.

“It’s amazing. We’ve never had this much help sweeping the hallways before! We’ve been short staffed, and this has been like a gift from the Gods,” one custodian explained. “We can actually focus on replacing all the water damaged ceiling tiles now.”