Inflation sends NP senior prom menu in new direction


Im Lovin it! The NPHS Senior prom menu is budgeted for inflation this year and will feature fast food, which will allow much more time for dancing!

Towamencin- Last week, a heated discussion ensued between the members of the Student Government Association about what delicious new twist should be implemented into the Senior Prom plans. The consensus was nothing short of unbelievable.

Throughout the years, waves of complaints regarding the previous food selection have made their way to the ears of SGA, and they finally decided to act upon the displeased student voices. 

One angry graduated senior called in on the matter, and described past prom meal preparations “slimy and stale,” as well as “one of the only things [they] would never put in their mouths again.”

SGA then made plans to reach out around the county to popular food places, and surprisingly there were various popular local restaurants willing to sponsor, so on March 24th, the SGA members met and debated between their choices..

“We wanted to think of the senior population and what their wants and needs might be,” said one SGA member. “It took hours of eliminating places before we decided on what would satisfy the attendees the most.”

“We decided that McDonalds was the most reliable and unique option to bring to this year’s senior prom,” the SGA member explained.

After hiring them for the job, SGA negotiated with McDonalds for hours to determine the standards that needed to be met for the food, and they are as follows:

  • The fries must be cooked at least 24 hours before prom… North Penn expects the least amount of stale fries as possible
  • The burgers must be wrapped in the iconic McDonald’s burger wrap paper, or the classic cardboard carton… authenticity only! (No plates or actual silverware) .
  • Chicken Nuggets are not allowed to be reheated more than twice… If they are sitting under a food lamp for long, the critical seniors might bash SGA for their food choice
  • Salads and other healthy options must be available… after all, we are trying to promote healthier youth eating habits

More information will be released periodically on this catering matter. For now, seniors, prepare yourselves for an extravagant cuisine, sponsored graciously by the McDonald’s right across the street!