Out with the old, in with the new


A visual depiction of 2022: Mostly fine, but a little crumpled.

This year could be the start of something new! New habits, new opportunities, anything could happen – but should they? While 2022 was a lot better than the two years before for obvious reasons, some issues still remained. It’s time to break free of these old issues and go into the new year!

  • Inflation Station
    • In the past couple of years, our economy has fluctuated. Lockdowns caused businesses to go under, but it was necessary to ensure everyone stayed safe. However, in the years following, prices of goods have noticeably increased. By the middle of last year, a gallon of gasoline was around $4, the highest it has been in recent years. Food’s price increased in price, too, with a trip to a restaurant now costing $60 instead of $40. Hopefully this year, we can try to replicate a pre-COVID economy through the help of national and global leaders. 
  • Winter – Too Little, Too Late
    • This may not be exclusive to 2022, but winter is definitely not the same ‘As It Was,’ as Harry Styles noted in his hit single this year. Humidity in January, a wind that could send your dog to Oz, and a single, absurd snowstorm make up our weird winters here in Pennsylvania. Dreaming of a White Christmas? The first snowstorm isn’t until March which, by then, isn’t it time for spring? Pennsylvania native Punxsutawney Phil never relays the message of early spring because winter doesn’t start until mid-February. If we had as much wind as we did snow, winter would be more bearable, but as winter in PA stands, we need a quick, snowy winter to make up for years past.  
  • No Cigar for the Phillies
    • After over a decade of postseason losses, the Phillies earned a spot in the World Series, ushering in Red October. During one of the most crucial and divisive political years, Philadelphia came together to root for the Fightin Phils. Bars and restaurants that were once on the verge of closing due to the pandemic flourished as they found themselves with a community to share their love of the sport and their city. The underdog Phillies versed the Houston Astros, and all of Philly prayed for a satisfying movie ending. However, after a small bite of victory, the Phillies lost in Game 6. Underneath the brotherhood and love for our hometown, we all know what Philly united over; the Parade that would’ve followed their victory, meaning a day off! Imagine the boost in morale the area could’ve had, pushing Philly back to the 2018 high of the Eagle’s Superbowl win. However, the Phillies left the city hanging, reminding us that life can’t always be a fairy tale.\
  • COVID-19
    • 2022 marked the only year I caught COVID-19. We are now 4 years into this disease affecting our lives, when will this pandemic end? As research continues, guidelines change offering no explicit answer on what to do if you do get sick. If you do get sick, contact your school or workplace on their regulations to know the best way to proceed. The best way to protect yourself and others is to get vaccinated and boosted if you have not already done so. Make 2023 the year we can bid farewell to COVID-19!