Board recognizes students, moves closer to budget adoption

The first action meeting back in-person took place at Penndale middle school. The board discussed the final budget again and also highlighted some academic and athletic events that took place at North Penn recently.

Herr Andrew Baker recognized student’s performances in the National German Exam.

“This national German exam is not an easy task. It is an online examination that encompases all different kinds of testing materials…It really engages the students in a way that challenges their modern day understanding of not only Germany, but the German language,” Baker said with pride.

Sensei Noriko Coyle also congratulated students participation in the National Japanese exams. These exams are based on the students’ knowledge of the Japanese language in many forms.

The Board then went through all of the reports smoothly with all motions carried. Chief Financial Officer Steve Skrocki went over the Board’s acceptance of the proposed budget for next year.

“The school board did pass the proposed final budget earlier this month. The proposed final budget reflects a 3.4% tax increase for Montgomery County property owners for the upcoming fiscal year,” Skrocki said. The final budget will be approved at the next action meeting on June 16th.

Board director Jonathan Kassa wanted to shout out Ben Hartranft and wish him a happy birthday during the other business portion of the meeting.

“Ben really does a great job raising awareness across the North Penn community. His energy and positivity is a great lift for anyone who takes part in his program or gets to meet Ben,” Kassa priased.

The success of last weekend’s triathlon was brought up by Assistant Superintendent D’Ana Waters, which took place at the high school on Saturday morning. Students participating were in grades K-6 with around 1,500 kids participating in the race. The triathlon is a race consisting of swimming, biking, and running is a great experience for kids to test their strength and perseverance. Waters shouted out the Physical Education department for their support throughout the whole day, arriving at the event as early as 4:00 in the morning to the end of the day.

“This was the first time they got to run on the new track. The smies, the cheers, it was just incredible. I was able to stop by and I couldn’t even find a parking space because it was just packed,” Waters stated.

The next Worksession meeting will be June 7th.