New Edition to the Knight Crier: NPordle


Facebook moms and high school students near and far alike love their daily Wordle as much as they love their Target trips and Celcius energy drinks.

Wordle has become a loved hobby by many people. It has brought many people together and has become a daily activity for many. That is why the Knight Crier has decided to create a Wordle for North Penn.

As a way to bring students together The Knight Crier is going to be posting daily North Penn inspired Wordles called NPordle. These games will be posted on the Knight Crier website at The words could be anything having to do with teachers, school events, bell schedules, cycles, Knight Time, pods, Mornings, North Penn sports, etc. In the Knight Crier’s version the colors will be changed to navy and columbia blue instead of green and yellow.

NPordle is aiming to bring the North Penn community together, so it will become a part of our daily Knight Time activities. In Knight Time the NPordle will be played as a class before any other activities. Look out for this new edition to the Knight Crier starting April 1st.