New course offering solves burning questions


Tanning Beds – Yes. It’s another innovation that puts NPHS above and beyond all others.

TOWAMENCIN – Sometimes the answers to our most burning problems are so obvious, they are right in front of us. How do we keep kids from falling asleep in class? How do we keep kids happy and positive in a negative world? Oh the challenges of school life! 

Sleep deprived students who are also feeling the doldrums of a dark winter no longer have to rely on well intended Knight Time activities to cure all their ailments. The Health and PE Department has a new course offering, Intro to Tanning Beds, and the course is available starting next school year. 

“We have such abundant sunshine in that JPod hallway, even on the coldest winter days, so we thought this would be the perfect learning space for this new class,” department chair Dave Franek explained. 

With school starting so early, and NPSD not quite ready to change school start times yet, this new course offers “tanning beds” that serve 2 functions, sunlight therapy and sleep. The course also proves to be very cost effective. 

“We have about 30 mattress stores in the area, and they are much cheaper than high-tech tanning beds, so we figured this is the way to go. Natural sunlight and natural sleeping conditions – honestly it’s such a perfect match, I have no idea why we haven’t thought of this before,” North Penn Admin said in a statement emailed to parents this week. 

The JPod hallway will be closed during times that the class meets in order to provide uninterrupted suntan sleeping. 

Spray tans the day before junior prom, students sleeping in English class, winter blues…they may all be a thing of the past starting next school year! Oh, and yes – “NP Strong Sunscreen” will be available for purchase each day in the cookie corner, because that’s where everything good is for sale.