Major Venue Change for Senior Prom


Lirpa Loof

Mrs. Marino visits Chuck E. Cheese to finalized the Senior Prom details.

Having to compete with last year’s senior prom venue having a turf dance floor, the class cabinet has decided to change the location this year and go with something a little more cheesy.

The school got a lot of feedback from students saying that last year’s Covid induced venue change was interesting, and they thought it would be cool to keep exploring new locations. Taking all the comments into consideration the class cab went with a more creative option that has something for everyone, and also taps into the childhood nostalgic feels.

North Penn’s 2022 Senior Prom will be held at Chuck E. Cheese. They have games, prizes, a photo booth, dancing, and music. And also pepperoni. For dinner, they will serve pizza with a choice of topping, fries, mozzarella sticks, and choice of soda. The signature meal will be the “Cheesy Pete-za,” a specialty pie designed by Mr. Nicholson.

“After getting a lot of feedback from last year’s seniors we thought that this year we would change it up and pick a venue that had something for everyone to do,” stated Mrs. Marino the class cabinet adviser.

“Chuck was a little mousy about our request at first, and he thought maybe this whole thing was some kind of trap, but after we told him all our plans, he was excited and assured us it will be a squeaky clean operation!” Marino explained.

Chuck E. Cheese will be providing their very own animatronic DJ as well!

“This is the part we are most excited about,” Linsey Gilbert, class President said. “We think that this could be a hit with the students, the owners showed us a list of music lineups and they have some really great songs in there!”

Unfortunately, Chuck E. Cheese does not have the money to be fully closed on a Saturday night so there will be children there running around as well, and probably some frazzled parents questioning their life choices.

Although this may be a letdown for some people, don’t let your spirits drop too soon because Prom King and Queen will be named on this special night. One lucky raffle winner will get the chance to step inside the ticket blaster but instead of tickets flying around it will be the prom King and Queen nominees and the person gets to play to see who wins the crown.

May 7th is going to be a magical night with hopes to see many cheesing students.