Donald Fluck flies into a whole new world


Fluck’s dreams are finally coming true.

All seniors look forward to the senior trip to Disney World, but Mr. Fluck decided to stay longer to flap his wings to wear his heart belonged.

Originally, Fluck was planning on going for a week to Disney World to monitor the senior trip, but he ended up realizing that the place where dreams are made felt more like home. North Penn started becoming like a routine for Fluck rather than an enjoyable job. This is when Fluck came to the conclusion that he was meant to work at Disney World.

“Growing up I’ve always loved Disney. Once I went to Disney World, especially after Covid and all the chaos from the past year, I knew it was time for a change,” Fluck said.

Going into the job interview, Fluck had high expectations and high standards. He would not take no for an answer. Donald Duck was who Fluck was inspired to become. Bringing his sternness and passion into the interview, Disney knew that he was destined to become Donald Duck.

“It was all or nothing. If I have a goal, I am going to accomplish it. That’s just the way I am and that’s the mindset I had going into the interview. I want to do what I love and when I set my eyes on something that I want to achieve, they are never letting go of that goal until I reach it,” Fluck asserted.

Although it seems that Fluck got his way, there was one problem. Fluck demanded to be called Donald Fluck and wouldn’t take the position if he was known as Donald Duck. The workers at Disney immediately said no, turned him down, and continued looking for other people. As their journey looking for a Donald Duck was filled with dead ends, they realized there was only one person with the right passion and determination. Donald Fluck has been born.

“I knew they were going to think the idea was crazy but I wouldn’t take no for an answer. Hard work definitely pays off. Think about it, I am leaving my job for another job. If this is going to be my new life, I want it to be as perfect as I imagined. Everyone knows Donald Duck, and I wanted this experience to be unique and memorable. Donald Fluck had to be created,” Fluck explained.

Fluck is ready to let go of the old and waddle into the new as his first day is April 12, 2022. Fluck is excited to continue to work with kids and looks forward to participating in parades and meet and greets.