North Penn “can’t help falling in love” with Singing Valentines


Milan Varia

Choir Director Matthew Klenk and the choir practice vocal warm-ups before first period in preparation for the day ahead of them.

LANSDALE- Normally, Valentine’s Day is full of chocolates, roses, and teddy bears, but at North Penn High School, an extra element of surprise is thrown into lovers’ hearts. The men’s choir delivered heartfelt messages in song form, coming into classrooms and serenading students with Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Overall, the choir sang to roughly 240 different people.

In the video below, watch sophomore Sawyer Steinbauer deliver a message with senior Jaiman Kondisetty, senior Ben Baron, senior Will Biegert, junior Jack Bachman, and sophomore Jeremiah Laferve, alongside their group manager, senior Megan Flanagan.

The morning began with a quick pep talk from Choir Director Matthew Klenk, talking to all the groups who were about to disperse around the school. His message validated the hard work the choir put in and gave last-minute reminders on how to perform the best they can. Klenk is happy to see the return of Singing Valentines after not having them last school year.

“We started Singing Valentines seven years ago because we saw an opportunity to do something that was pretty unique, and it’s clear that it has brought a lot of joy to both students and staff. It is something that we are happy to be able to do again, after not being able to a year ago,” Klenk said.

After that, six groups of singers from the men’s choir roamed the hallways of North Penn, went into classrooms, and sang to students across the building. During each performance, giggles erupted in the room as messages and poems were delivered, and once the singers finished, applause followed. Senior and soloist Sree Yaratha felt like he achieved the goal of spreading joy.

“The reason we do this is to put the school in good spirits. It’s not super romantic, we’re just spreading a little bit of joy to the school and put smiles on people’s faces,” Yaratha said.

Milan Varia

Some performances included a student telling a teacher “this is what you get for giving me a C,” some included well-thought-out poems written from the heart, and some were sent in genuine appreciation for friendships. There was a takeaway for everyone: laughs, smiles, and happiness were shared.

The event not only shifted the moods of some morning classrooms, but also the chorus. Sales help fund the high school’s vocal programs.

“It helps fund the choral program at North Penn High School. So the activity becomes fun for both the audience and the performers,” senior and soloist Jaiman Kondisetty said.

As the whispers and footsteps in hallways came to a halt and fewer doors were knocked on, the men’s choir closed their day of melodies with the knowledge that they made a few people’s days brighter.