2022’s New Year’s Resolutions

Meet 2022 as a person who just wants to have a great year with 10 hopeful New Year’s Resolutions!


Julia Shearer

Meet 2022 and their New Year’s Resolutions for an optimistic outlook of the year ahead!

Hi, my name is 2022! It’s great to meet you! As you know I’m kind of new here, and I have some pretty big shoes to fill after 2021, but I want it to be the best year yet. Here are my resolutions for you!

1. We all know how well 2021 handled covid (until the very end). One of my top resolutions is to stop making all of these random Covid variants. Okay, well after Omicron. I realize how slightly inconvenient and annoying that must be for you all.

2. This year I will try to have consistency with the weather. I now understand that having seventy degree days in January and 40 degree days in April must mess with your fashion pattern. 

3. Along with some good weather, I’ll try to give the west some rain and the northeast some snow! Honestly, all of the fires in California aren’t fun dealing with, and who doesn’t love a good snow day in Pennsylvania!

4. As far as sports go, the one thing 2021 missed out on was the electricity of having full stadiums at the professional level. With my goal of knocking covid out, that brings the opportunity to put stadiums at their full capacity, so we can get back to the irreplaceable feeling of seeing a live game.

5. With everything going on regarding racism and sexual discrimination in the past two years, there are still situations occurring that show that we haven’t quite resolved this. I think it’s about time where we move past these hateful feelings. I will make it a top priority to make sure everyone feels accepted. It’s not that hard to be nice!

6. In many major cities, like Philadelphia for example, there have been countless shootings resulting in way too many deaths of innocent people. It’s sick how people can do that, and as for my role as of 2022, I will do my best to eliminate these tragedies. 

7. In my opinion, online shopping is a way of life. It is a huge goal of mine to attempt to speed up the process of shipping and receiving. However, shipments can take ages to get here because of cargo backups, lost packages, and a lack of delivery workers. It’s a pain in the butt when I’m anticipating new clothes and can’t wear them for a month after I buy them! 

8. Making sure you properly dispose of waste in the correct garbage cans is becoming more and more important to keep our earth clean. Some people are starting to get lazy, so I am going to make it stand out to people that where they put their trash really does matter. I mean, after all, we want to keep living on this planet, right?

9. In 2021, TikTok had some top-tier entertainment and trends. It’s where so many people (me included I’ll admit) spent their screen time. I want to keep that rolling this year, and make all of the songs, trends, and dances the best yet.

10. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have been waiting for the fourth season of Stranger Things for almost three years. It is projected to come out in 2022, and it is my strongest duty to finally stick to this date…hopefully.