Mr. Ty Gross excited to join admin team


Emily Dahms

New assistant principal for the sophomore class, Mr. Tysean Gross in his office in room D103.

In his second year of working in an educational setting, Mr. Tysean Gross had already taken on the role of Special Education liaison, team leader, and content leader. This was just a small indication of where Gross would be today, as one of North Penn High School’s newest administrators. 

Gross graduated from Lincoln University with his degree in English Education in 2010. After he went to Eastern University for his degree in special education in 2014 and finally Cabrini for his degree in Educational Leadership. However, education wasn’t always his plan.

Gross started at Lincoln University with the intent of pursuing a career in business.

“Honestly, I went to college with a major in business administration. I wanted to be a Wall Street, high class, New Yorker or something crazy like that,” Gross said.

His path abruptly changed when he took an intro to education course. He didn’t have any reason besides meeting the credit requirement. However, this course changed his mind completely.

“I took Intro to Education just because, you know, it’s a liberal arts college. You take your liberal arts classes that don’t count towards your major but you have fulfilled a certain amount of credits in different areas…I took Intro to Ed had a really great professor. He was just super dynamic talking about all the things that are happening in education…It was such an interesting class, I did so well in it that I was like well I’ll just take Educational Psychology too. So I took Ed Psych and I had another professor and she was great,” Gross stated.

These two professors impacted Mr. Gross in a very positive way.

“We’re actually still in contact to this day. Both those professors are still a part of my life. They were the main driving force behind me deciding. I’ve always liked education, I liked high school,” Gross explained.

This led to the start of his career teaching for 5 years. He left that position to be a Special Education Liaison in 2015.

“I did that for one school year. It was an administrative teacher role. So I just wanted to learn more about special education,” Gross said.

In 2016 he started his role as a head of school climate and culture. These roles prepared him for his new career at North Penn High School as an assistant principal.

“As a climate manager it’s more of a coaching role. You do coaching and feedback but you don’t evaluate. As a principal you actually have to do evaluations. The work with students is the same. The pride and safety of our students is the same. Looking at students’ grades, asking what’s going on, providing support, giving counseling resources and academic resources all the work with students is the same,” Gross explained.

This is Gross’s first year as an assistant principal so there are some things that are different for him here at North Penn.

“I like that I get to work with a very diverse group of students. I also love that we have so many programs here….You guys have plays, musicals, a marching band….I just enjoy that there are so many things to do. So when you are really talking to students and your mentoring students you can gear them towards their interests and North Penn High School will likely offer that,” Gross stated.

Gross is always making sure that students understand his role at North Penn is to help and mentor them.

I find it my duty to make sure I’m providing that mentorship. Even when students are in my office because they’re in trouble, letting them and helping them understand that I’m not defining you or judging you by this mistake. I’m simply trying to help you navigate through it

— Assistant Principal Mr. Tysean Gross

“I find it my duty to make sure I’m providing that mentorship. Even when students are in my office because they’re in trouble, letting them and helping them understand that I’m not defining you or judging you by this mistake. I’m simply trying to help you navigate through it….It’s how we deal with conflict, it’s how we navigate through conflict that’s important. That’s what I like about working here,” Gross explained.

Even though it is his first year here, Gross already has plans for North Penn.

“One of my big projects, believe it or not, I’m a big fan of restorative practices, was to do an overhaul of our ISS program. To make that more restorative program and less just sitting there and feeling disciplined and more conversation and more reflection. That program is running. You will notice it has a much different feel. I like for students not to feel like you’re not a part of our community because you’re in trouble. You’re not a North Penn student, because you’re in trouble…That was one of my big first moves when I got here,” Gross said.

However Gross finds it is important to absorb all that North Penn is before trying to make big changes. 

“I’m spending a lot of my first year observing and learning. I think as a leader it is important to know how things are going before you’re trying to decide what changes need to be made….A lot of my first year is just going to be getting to know people,” Gross stated.

He has been enjoying what North Penn has done as a school and wants to help build on that

“I’m proud of the fact that the school has done the equity work that they have done….I just love the mission that the school has. It’s just one of those things that I’m happy to be a part of even though I’m new to it….I still think I’m young so I’m looking and just observing….When your in high school it’s like ‘the whole world’s in front of me,’ I still feel like the whole world’s in front of me,” Gross said.

Mr. Gross keeps that same attitude with students. He continues to keep his goal to motivate students.

“I take my own advice, I’m gonna try to make an impact and I’m gonna try to do my best. And so far I think I’m doing okay. I’m proud of the work so far,” Gross stated.

Gross wants to make sure students understand that he is there for them. He wants to support and help students find their way in high school.

“We have an open door policy. I like for students to get the message that we are here for them and that our whole purpose is to help them be who they want to be,” Gross stated.

His main message is that students can come to him and they don’t ever need to feel alone.

“I still want you guys to know this is why we are all here. Don’t just walk by the office and think that isn’t a place for me to bring my issues and my concerns or I have to deal with all this stuff by myself where I’m alone in whatever journey we are taking. No, let’s do this together.” concluded Gross.