Nero and Tecklin crowned King and Queen in the new Crawford Stadium


Franky Walsh

Homecoming King and Queen Giovanni Nero and Caitlin Tecklin crowned during halftime at Crawford Stadium

New stadium and new memories for the class of 2022, with the only other homecoming game they attended being ‘The Last time in the Swamp’ in 2019. For the homecoming court, the experience was even more.

North Penn seniors Bailey Brooks, Molly Caspar, and Eric Wang were the MC’s for the ceremony and introduced each candidate as they walked down the 50 yard line with some interesting facts about them.

Homecoming Queen Caitlin Tecklin escorted by Danny Myers at the Homecoming ceremony

Linsey Gilbert and Jaiman Kondisetty won third place, Sanaa Beaufort and Eric Lewis won second place, and winning Homecoming Queen and King for Homecoming 2021, was Caitilin Tecklin and Giovanni Nero.

Previous King and Queen Keenan Washington and Landry Holt were on the turf to crown the new King and Queen and expressed much excitement to be back at North Penn for the first normal homecoming since 2019.

With the combined cheers of the large crowd and the congratulations of their fellow court nominees, those crowned were even more elated to have such a great opportunity to be on the turf for their last year of high school at North Penn.

“I can’t even describe it, I feel over the moon,” Tecklin expressed after being crowned in front of the biggest crowd Crawford stadium had seen since before Covid.

Homecoming King Giovanni Nero escorted by Jillian Fegley at the homecoming ceremony

Being the last two nominees to be introduced and join the court during the ceremony might have made both Tecklin and Nero nervous, but it all played out in the end.

“It was an incredible experience, I feel so honored to be here,” Tecklin said, her smile never leaving her face. 

For Nero, winning Homecoming King was an even bigger surprise, he never expected to even be on the court in the first place.

“I feel great, I get free piggyback rides, and I beat all you tall people,” he exclaimed, receiving congratulations from all the other court nominees, as well as the crowd.

“Even though [they] could have voted for somebody else, everybody’s a winner and we all deserved it,” Tecklin said, hoping to carry out the night with fun and excitement with her fellow court and friends.