NPTV latest cable news network accused of media bias


Lirpa Loof

Local cable news is apparently not exempt from recent onslaught of media bias accusations

LANSDALE – North Penn High School’s main media outlet, NPTV, has been providing the North Penn community with recent news about its high school; and the students in it. The service has been with the high school for over 30 years, but now NPTV is the latest cable news network under scrutiny for media bias and fake news. 

Recently, the network has faced scrutiny amongst members of the North Penn community for alleged bias towards North Penn High School students. A main core for this claim is the general observations NPTV viewers made from their weekly “Morning Show”, in which a majority; if not all of the coverage was about the High School or biased in portraying the high school in a favorable light.  

One such instance was the Friday Morning Show observed on March 26th, 2021, in which a study observed the network’s coverage was in relation to the high school for 100% of the broadcast, and 98% in a favorable light. One such comparison a NPHS student made was relating the morning show to North Korean state television.  Another student, who will remain unnamed, went as far as to call it, “straight up propaganda”.  

Most North Penn students agreed, in a February poll, that more than 75% of all students concur that NPTV has either a slight or extreme bias towards North Penn students.

NPTV executive director Mr. Berger claims that “NPTV is unbiased in our sports coverage.  Everyone just knows that our teams are better than every other school’s teams, it’s common knowledge.”

NPTV has received a mixed factual reporting rating from many different sources. For some, this is better than they had anticipated– for others it is a flat out shock. There has been a relentless call for the studio to shift coverage and expand the horizon in the last few days, which has been met by more live coverage of sports events.

Overall, maybe we need it regardless of the bias. In the end, the most important factor that a majority of North Penn students take into account is how they enjoy the extra 10 minutes off on Friday mornings due to the Morning Show.