Schools ban college apparel; say it promotes senioritis


Starting April 18th, NPHS will begin banning all college apparel from school grounds.

TOWAMENCIN – Whether you’re a hopeful sophomore or a senior who’s committed to college, chances are, you own some sort of college apparel. Many students wear their future university’s name with pride and use it as a symbol of school spirit. However, starting on April 18th, all college apparel will be banned from the high school.

A study conducted by New York University shows that 69.7% of seniors believe that their academic performance is likely to decline in the second semester. This epidemic is known widely as “senioritis”, a sense of complacency that a majority of seniors develop as graduation gets closer. Up until now, the North Penn School District has struggled to keep this issue at bay.

“This really has to do with tackling senioritis,” NPHS principal Pete Nicholson commented. “As someone who cares deeply about the students that go here, I find it disheartening to see the morale and spirit of this school drop so significantly during the second semester. Although banning college apparel may seem severe, I truly believe that it will greatly diminish the problem and re-introduce our high school spirit.”

It’s important to note that this new rule spans all sorts of college gear. This includes sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, water bottles, lanyards, and more. If the university’s logo is visible, students will be asked to remove the item and put it in their backpack or locker. After three warnings, a detention will be given out.

The administrative staff is going to start creating designated “safe zones” to discuss college and future plans. These safe zones will be exclusively in the bathroom stalls.

For those concerned about communicating with their friends while doing their business, don’t worry. There will be pens and paper provided in each stall to pass notes regarding college under the door to your friend, or even a stranger. 

“I truly believe that these safe zones can work!” articulated North Penn graduate Nancy Drew. “I actually met my husband right here in a North Penn bathroom stall. A piece of toilet paper accidentally slipped under the door, and he wrote a flirtatious message on it for me before returning it. Why he was in the girl’s bathroom, I still don’t know.”

So, if you have any college talk to get out of your system, you can do so up until April 18th. Hopefully this will cure your senioritis, and if not… I mean, you’ll only be here for a little while longer!