Local one hit Tik Tok wonder makes it to Kimmel

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – If you tuned in to your TV last night around 11:35 pm, you would have recognized a familiar face sitting beside Jimmy Kimmel.

Yes, your vision is clear and you are hearing correctly: the Knight Crier’s favorite 5’4 Tik Toker Jojo Dalwadi sat beside a late night legend this past Friday to discuss his latest fame on the app. If you are unfamiliar with Dalwadi’s famous Tik Toks, then you must be living under a rock, because Dalwadi has racked out an astounding 1.8 million likes, coming for Charlie D’amelio’s throne.

“It’s absolutely crazy. One night I’m making Tik Toks in my room and the next I’m sitting next to Jimmy Kimmel on late night television. It was way past my bedtime, but I was very excited to be there,” explained Dalwadi.

Now, there’s a possibility that the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Jojo Dalwadi is   “one hit wonder” because Dalwadi’s Tik Tok fame comes from his humorous take on the Transformers, specifically his obsession with Megan Fox. If you take a peek on his page, there’s no doubt that Dalwadi has reached the peak of his Tik Tok career.

“A lot of people hate me for my Tik Toks, I just don’t think they understand my art. These 15 second videos take a lot more planning and effort than what meets the eye. I take pride in my platform and I’m glad someone like Jimmy Kimmel could recognize that,” responded Dalwadi.

As Dalwadi plans on dropping out of high school to pursue Tik Tok, he has announced his move to Los Angeles to be a part of The Hype House. 

“ I feel like since i’m so good at what I do, why not try to pursue this fully? I’m sure, after I ask my mom for permission, that my life is going to change. I want everyone out there to know my name. I feel like I’ve outgrown North Penn and I need to take my dreams to a bigger stage,” stated Dalwadi.