NPHS holds annual art show

NPHS holds their annual art show featuring work from K-12

TOWAMENCIN- “It’s an immense show with so much talent…there’s nothing like it.”

North Penn High School Art Teacher and Department Head Michael-John Werner shared this sentiment of the fifteenth Art Show he’s been a part of at North Penn High school.

Oil painting, pen and ink drawings, ceramics, digital photos, clothing, animation, and more pieces were put in display for the students, staff, and the community made by students grades K-12 from every school in the district.

While the works were only on display for two days, the time and energy that goes into pulling off the show definitely exceeds the show time.

“It’s a district wide effort. What’s really unique about this show is that its K-12 so you have all the art teachers from elementary to high school working with all of the art students from elementary to high school to get the show ready…[W]e started in September basically with all the different projects we’re doing in the creation of art that the students are doing and coming together and bringing it together at this culminating activity…at the end of May every year. It’s a great way chance for us to showcase all of the work that they’ve done this year…All the works created throughout the year and then it’s a matter of all the art teachers working with the students probably throughout the months of March, April, and into May in terms of selecting what the artworks going to be that’s in the show,” explained Werner.

The students and staff of the art department worked extremely hard to put together photography displays, walls specifically showcasing the work of the art programs dedicated seniors, interactive animation storyboards with a QR code, and much more to fill the gymnasium, J-pod, and the K-pod concourse.

Senior Nathan Addley was one of the hardworking seniors who applied for a senior wall and was able to display his art due to his achievements in the arts during his time at North Penn. Art has been in Addley’s life ever since he can remember and he’s always taken advantage of his opportunities at school to explore art.

In his senior wall piece Jomo, Addley was able to explore and express perspectives concerning race in America.

Jurni Jackson
Addley with his art

I interviewed [Jomo] on how he felt in American society so this is what he gave me. I wanted to focus on relevant matters because we have a bunch of social stuff going on right now…During the interview…he said he felt an unfair advantage towards people of different races. He felt kind of like restricted so I decided to tie him up in the American flag because I know it’s a predominant theme in African Americans’ view on society.”

Addley’s senior wall also featured his take on the music industry.

“The Joey one…he’s like a rapper and he talks about like actual things that matter like political issues, racial issues, [and] social issues…Rap is all about like drugs, sex, and violence nowadays and because he doesn’t talk about all of that because of his style I guess people don’t really feel appeal to it so because of that he’s like underrated and silenced which is why I pixelated his mouth because the industry likes a bunch of nonsense basically for rap,” explained Addley.

“I like art because it doesn’t really have a definition to it …it means so many different things to so many different people and I like how i mean with what I’m doing i was drawing at first and then I started going to animation and the reason I drew was to inspire…I like the way that with a single image it can bring someone to tears and change their entire life based off of one look…at a 2-D painting can just change an entire person’s life and inspire them change their way of thinking like spiritual healing to them,” said Addley.

Senior Megan Poley had two dresses and a romper on display at the Art Show.

“I like the class because when I started FCS in ninth grade I really enjoyed sewing and wanted to continue with it. I like the class because I can improve my sewing skills while also expressing my creativity. The garments I have created took a good amount of time but were so enjoyable to make and I am glad I chose to take the course,” said Poley.  

Jurni Jackson
Poley’s dresses at the Art Show

“It’s so cool. I mean you’re working so hard to get the show hung and sometimes when you’re so caught up in a classroom you forget to kind of step back and look at it on display, but my own student work to see it on display or projection in the gym or on iPads in here or storyboards through k-pod it’s again, the ultimate celebration. There’s nothing else like it throughout the school year to be able to showcase where the community comes together and the school comes together and we can really really showcase the incredible talents and the hard work that these students have been doing not only this year but for the past three years or even for the past 12 years,” said Werner.

Although the Art Show is over, those who missed the incredible student pieces will be able to still appreciate many works until midweek next week.

“We just appreciate all the support that we get. When I say we [I mean] the art department K-12. The support we get from the community, the district, and all the hard work the students put in and how the parents support the arts here at North Penn. This is a very very proud department with a lot of tradition,” added Werner.