“The Office” reboot to be filmed in North Penn and titled “The Home Office”

TOWAMENCIN- Much to the delight of North Penn’s student body, The Knight Crier is pleased to announce that the iconic NBC sitcom “The Office” will be returning, but with a twist. Mike Schur, Steve Carell and the entire cast are setting up their cameras in D103, F40 and K25 to encapsulate the environment of a home office.

Steve Carell, also known as Michael Gary Scott, will be replacing NPHS Principal Pete Nicholson. Carell has moved on to more serious movie roles since his days in the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch, but knows he will easily fall back into the mind of Michael Scott.

“The fans have been begging for a reboot ever since we went off the air a few years ago. I hope this time around, we can last even longer than the first….That’s what she said,” quipped Carell.

Rainn Wilson (Dwight Kurt Schrute) will be leaving Mose in charge of his beet farm when he comes to replace Mr. Hassler as Assistant to the Principal in D103. John Krasinski (James “Jimothy” Halpert) will move back to his home state from Austin, TX to fill in for Mrs. Linn, Assistant to the Principal in F40. Dr. Diegue will take a leave of absence as Jenna Fischer (Pam “Pam-a-lam-a-ding-dong” Beesly) will take over as Assistant to the Principal in K25.

Although the new incarnation of the show will be filmed in the home offices, “The Office” reboot will occasionally film over at the ESC. Cheryl McCue, North Penn’s Director of HR, will be on an extended leave of absence as Paul Lieberstein, known to many as Toby Flenderson, will be assuming the position.

Many of you reading this right now may be asking ‘How did North Penn get chosen to host this reboot?’

NBC executives have been discreetly communicating with high schools all across the country for the past year, and they cleverly decided that the chosen high school should be in Pennsylvania. Executives then narrowed the contenders to high schools within a 150 mile range of Scranton, preferably schools with an upstanding reputation and large student body.

NBC held meetings with local officials, Dr. Dietrich and NP administrators, and a select number of teachers to hear feedback before the final decision was made.

“An office is a place where dreams come true. Having ‘The Office’ choose North Penn to be the host of their reboot is certainly my dream come true. All of us in D103 can’t wait for the filming to begin!” voiced Assistant Principal Sara Rattigan.

Stay tuned to The Knight Crier for updates on when filming will begin and how it will affect the daily life of North Penn High School.