North Penn strikes…. oil that is!


A new oil well has been placed on the NPHS baseball field where bubbling crude has come up from under the surface of the infield dirt

TOWAMENCIN – Move over Bobby and J.R. Ewing. Take a seat Beverly Hillbillies. John D. Rocka-who? There is a new oil tycoon in town. In an earth shaking development this weekend, oil was discovered bubbling up under the North Penn High School baseball field, and it looks like NPSD taxpayers have millions of reasons to celebrate.

“It’s a pretty amazing story really,” said NPHS principal Pete Nicholson. “Our grounds crew was trying to figure out why the field was holding s much water on one part of the field, and when one of our guys put his shovel into the infield dirt, what bubbled up was a whole lot more than just water!”

At first it appeared some oil had simply leaked from one of the school’s tractors, but when there seemed to be no end in sight the further they dug, North Penn High School decided a call to the EPA was in order. It was then that officials determined that yes indeed, that was bubblin’ crude.

“It’s actually not all that uncommon for oil fields to exist in Pennsylvania, but oil baseball fields are more rare,” said NPHS science teacher John Collier. “Of course they can be very profitable, but… we must think of the environment, please!”

The NPHS Enact Club and school officials have been in constant talks since the oil strike on Saturday, trying to find some common ground in how the district will proceed with this new found money maker.

“This is the biggest strike we’ve had since 2010, and we plan to make sure we get ahead of this and find the very best way to use all the benefits of this lucky strike,” said NPSD Superintendent Curt Dietrich.

While the oil will likely cause North Penn’s baseball team to play all games away this season and practice at an alternate site, the long term payout will likely result in a new stadium for next season.

“It’s a small price to pay. I guess we found a diamond in the rough with this one, huh. Well, here’s to a new stadium, and lots of oil money!” said NPHS sophomore baseball player Christian Stevens in an interview conducted while he was going by the field on his skateboard to check out the oil well.

The budget balancing process just got a whole lot easier for one of Pennsylvania’s largest school districts, and in this case, North Penn baseball only needed one strike, not three.