Mr. Nicholson, tear down this wall

TOWAMENCIN – North Penn English teacher Kevin Manero gave a rousing speech on Monday in K-pod in which he urged Principal Pete Nicholson to remove a recently added decoration from the lobby. Students and staff members gathered to rally against what is largely seen as an unpopular policy decision by the administrative aristocracy.

“Behind me stands a wall that suppresses our historic mosaic map, part of a vast system of unfortunate construction that divides the students of North Penn,” Manero began, referring to the covering of a tile map displaying the location of every pod.

“There is one sign that Mr. Nicholson can make that would be unmistakable, that would advance dramatically the cause of freedom and peace,” said Manero, building on the momentum of the animated crowd.

Students celebrated, rushing towards the wall in a fervent attempt to dismantle it.

Manero finished, “Principal Nicholson, if you seek prosperity for Southeastern Pennsylvania, if you seek liberalization, come here, to this lobby. Mr. Nicholson, bring back our map. Mr. Nicholson, tear down this wall!”

President Ronald Reagan declined to comment.