KC Staff gets QR Code Tattoos for easy access to site

TOWAMENCIN- Due to high success with the placement of QR Codes on the Crier on the Can, the Knight Crier staff will be going full force to help publicize the site. The Crier on the Can only enables students to scan while they are in the bathroom, but now the staff is ready to make sure students can always scan no matter where they are.

The KC staff is fresh out of the tattoo parlor ready for some scanning action. The QR code leading to the homepage of the Knight Crier is ready to be scanned on every staff member’s arm. Editor in Chief, Sameera Rachakonda, has gone all out with getting the tattoo not only on her arm, but also on the bottom inside of her lip.

“A lot more students and faculty have been scanning the QR codes to get them to read the articles on the site so I think having access to the scans outside of the bathroom will increase our readers even more. Throughout the halls, you can find any staff member and they will be glad to let you scan their arm,” explained Rachakonda.

With 23 staff members and one adviser there will be ample people throughout the halls if you ever need straight access to the site. We encourage you, students and faculty, to take advantage of this new opportunity when you see the staff anywhere. Whether it’s in the halls, in public, at school events, or anywhere else, you could potentially find a staff member’s arm to scan.