How to get over writer’s block

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been in a bit of a “writer’s block”.

A state of unmotivated energy surrounded me like a storm cloud, which, quite honestly, was more confusing than frustrating. I live and breathe words. Three periods a day for me are devoted to writing and the English language, and I enjoy every single minute of those classes.

Writer’s block comes from a lack of ideas. We all know the feeling – staring at a blank Google Doc or notebook page at a complete loss. The ones who usually have the most to say are speechless. Although there are millions of stories to be written and things to say, the mind suddenly becomes as blank as the empty page.

The solution is actually quite simple, although hard to implement. While in this state, each and every idea comes and goes like the wind, never sticking long enough to actually seem good. Nothing seems fun enough, interesting enough, or worth writing. But these fleeting thoughts are the golden ticket.

Each idea should be taken seriously. Personally, what works for me is filling up the daunting white page with anything that pops into my head. Whether it’s going to become an actual story is irrelevant at this point, but doing a complete braindump is the best way to sort through your ideas

After filling up the page, the next step is to pare down the ideas until only the good ones are left. What makes a good idea? If you can see it becoming a larger story in the future, if it has potential, then keep it.

Now, you have a list of ideas that can easily be pulled from! If you’re still unsure, run them by a friend to get a second opinion. Keep this list in handy – writer’s block will most certainly strike you again.

Happy writing!