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Online News Day or Knight - Official news site of North Penn High School - 1340 Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA

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Online News Day or Knight - Official news site of North Penn High School - 1340 Valley Forge Rd. Lansdale, PA

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An escape from reality in Lansdale

Gianna Moser
Kim Wysocki and John Madara, founders of Escapopolis, in the famed Sir Ripple Sugartons Ultimate Candy Factory.

From charmingly vibrant candy factories to swashbuckling, disheveled pirate ships, escape rooms at Escapopolis range to fit anyone’s ideal getaway.

November 14th, Kim Wysocki and John Madara opened Escapopolis up for business on Mainstreet last year. With varying rooms to choose from, Escapopolis escape rooms’ engaging puzzles and intriguing games are perfect for anyone and everyone daring enough to enter. 

“Our rooms have components that are for everyone,” Wysocki noted. “So, there’s puzzles, obviously, and like riddles and stuff, but if you’re not good at those and that’s not your thing there are physical aspects. So, there are like mini-games, inside of the game that you can work on while people are figuring out the cognitive stuff. Nothing’s super hard to where like it’s impossible for people to figure out. Even kids come in here and they kill it.”

Since its beginnings, Escapopolis has garnered a diverse community following, ranging from all ages and backgrounds. Young and old, local and far, all flock to the Main Street location for the signature Escapopolis experience. Beyond puzzles, each room offers its own unique story and world for players to envelop themselves in, including the adventurous Shipwreck Island, the valorous Pirates of the Golden Skull, the dubious What Happened in Vegas?, and the sugary sweet Sir Ripple Sugartons Ultimate Candy Factory. However, for many, the room isn’t the only thing players are escaping from.

After a tropical storm, the team’s ship smashed into pieces and washed up on the shore of an abandoned island. Due to the water rising quickly from the storm, the team takes shelter in a shack that may have the secrets to escape this abandoned island. (Gianna)

“When we decided to open it was to provide like a mini getaway for people and that’s like how we saw escape rooms. Like, you’re in this world for an hour and you’re not in Lansdale, you’re not in P.A., you’re in a spy mission, you’re in a candy factory, you’re in a shipwreck island,” Madara said. “We wanted to give a mini vacation to people and just have them forget about, you know, like the bills and all the stressors.”

Through live interactive gaming, players get a perfectly balanced experience of intricately designed sets, a creative universe, team-building strategies, and problem-solving skills from the rooms at Escapopolis. Though the benefits of playing escape rooms are evident, the world of creating them is an entirely different adventure, with its own benefits as well. 

“Our first date was an escape room and we just got hooked,” Madara explained. “So we decided to come up with our own brand, Escapopolis. Our first four rooms, Shipwreck Island, Candy Factory, What Happened in Vegas, and Pirates of the Golden Scroll we purchased. We bought those and the company installed them and then we found out we were like ‘Hey all the skeletons are pretty much the same, the wiring’s the same, let’s see if we can make up our own,’ and now we are creating rooms.” 

Further, Wysocki’s and Madara’s creations have proven their own rewards, beyond face value. 

 “I mean the reward itself is just kind of everyone leaves here with a smile, everyone leaves here happy, and excited and that’s a pretty good feeling,” Wysocki commented. 

A special look into the process of creating The Tree House escape room. (Gianna)

Through it all, Escapopolis has flourished in popularity across all platforms and within the Lansdale community as well. New rooms, including Saving Santa’s Workshop and The Treehouse, and policies regarding age have been added to the stark growth the business has faced since its opening. 

“We have some new and exciting things happening,” Madara mentioned. “We usually only have eighteen and older or have to be accompanied by an adult. We’re changing that. We’re going to have it sixteen and older can come in without an adult, fifteen and below need a parent.”

Go to for more on this exemplary business here in the Lansdale community.


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