Song recs from artists you’ve probably never heard of


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It can be hard to branch out when you want to expand your music taste, especially with the range of genres today and the number of artists featured on the various music streaming platforms, so here are some song recommendations from artists you’ve probably never heard of to expand your music taste and to listen to something new! 

You’re So Satisfying – Chole Moser 

  • With only 3,560 Spotify followers, this 21-year-old indie artist writes and produces all her own music. This song has 21K streams, most of which are probably from me. There’s something about the guitar strums in the intro that are addicting, and Moser has this soft aura to her voice that compliments the instrumentals well. 

Plain Clothes Gentleman – Mac Saturn 

  • Hailing from Detroit, this vivaciously groovy band has 15,078 Spotify followers and deserves more. If you like classic 70s rock with a bit of Motown, this is the modern band for you. This song specifically is a great one to rock out, and you really get to hear the best parts of each of the band members, from the guitarist to the pianist; it comes together brilliantly. 

Burnt – Slater 

  • From southern California, Slater has 22,139 Spotify followers and produces alternative chill techno music. His sound is very similar to a Y2K vibe with notes of pop in it. This song, to me, just feels perfect for late-night drives as Slater’s sound & voice are very chill, but this song is faster-paced. If you’re more into techno, alternative music Slater is for you. 

Wawa by the Ocean – Mary Lattimore 

  • Spending much time in Philadelphia as an indie artist Lattimore has gained a following of 46,346 Spotify followers. If you are into classical music or just looking for no-lyric songs, she is for you as she is a harpist, which I think is really unique. All of her songs sound very ethereal, and when you listen, it’s as if you’re floating. I picked this song because I loved the name, and it reminds me of being at the beach more at night than just listening to the waves. 

Lonely Friends – Oscar Anton 

  • I remember finding Anton’s music when he had only maybe 7 songs out and was so excited when he released his album in 2021. Now the French artist has 58,534 Spotify followers, with many of them being from Europe. Anton writes and produces all of his own music and has a beautiful calming voice. Most of his songs reflect stories from his life, and lonely friends are no exception. All the titles may make it seem like a sad song, and the lyrics are that the melody is on the chill side but doesn’t go slow and seem dragged out. 

Hollywood Baby – Billy Tibbals

  • Coming from London, this British rock artist only has 1,230 Spotify followers. Tibbals and his band have managed to find a vintage eclectic sound that reminds me of a modern-day Beatles. Hollywood Baby manages to have multiple moods with a changing tempo throughout the song, but it consistently is one to rock out to. Tibbals conveys passionate vocals, and the guitar throughout the song is very 70s pop-rock. 

When You Were Mine – Joy Crookes 

  • Crookes possesses a beautiful voice that compliments her emotionally- intense lyrics that convey a variety of different stories and feelings from her life. Although she only has 386,801 Spotify followers, her monthly listener count is 2 million, and it continues to grow. This song of hers specifically is perfect for a summer mood playlist and has a modern jazz tone with wonderful piano and woodwind instrumentals.