Spring Activities for 2023

Welcome the warm weather and beautiful nature scenery with these spring activities!

Longwood Gardens 

Built on 1,000+ acres with 24 different gardens, this place is perfect for the ultimate spring experience. Only an hour away from Lansdale & North Wales, walking around the variety of gardens is a great way to spend time with friends & family while also enjoying and learning about a plethora of plants. There are few dining options throughout the gardens such as the 1906 restaurant and The Café but there are also picnic areas for packed lunches. Longwood also offers different events throughout the seasons. Right now Spring Blooms are happening till May 7th and the Festival of Fountains begins May 11th and goes to September 24th. 

For more information & tickets visit: https://longwoodgardens.org 

Fonthill Castle 

Surprisingly located in the quaint town of Doylestown, this castle was built by archaeologist and world traveler, Henry Mercer, in the 1900s. The castle, comprised of many different rooms, was more than just a home for Mercer but rather a way to display his works of tile and collected artifacts. Touring this castle is a great spring activity because the castle is scarcely heated in the winter and can get very hot in the summer. It’s also great for those who love history and unique architecture as well as just to learn more about a neighboring town. 

For more information & tickets visit: https://www.mercermuseum.org/about/fonthill-castle/ 

Berry Picking 

Berry picking season is upon us, from the months of April to August berries will be in their peak seasons. Strawberries are best from late May to early June, blueberries are best from early July to mid-August, blackberries are best mid to late July, and raspberries are best from early to late July. Pennsylvania has a variety of farms to choose from when it comes to what fruit you want to pick. Solesbury Orchard located in New Hope has their blueberry season from June 23rd to August 12th. Although it is located roughly an hour away from Lansdale, Spring Mountain Farms offers an extreme variety of berries such as 3 varieties of blackberries and 6 varieties of raspberries. 

For more information on both farms and pricings visit: https://www.soleburyorchards.com/pick-your-own/ and https://www.springmountainfarms.com/pick-your-own 

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens 

As an artistic way to get outside, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a mosaic tile art exhibit also made with recycled materials and folk art. Artist, Isaiah Zagar, was committed to enhancing South Street with art and color as well as sharing the art of other artists. In 2008 the magic gardens opened with 2 indoor exhibits and the outdoor sculpture garden. The gardens also offer different events such as Twilights in the Garden and workshops as well as exhibits highlighting different artists.  

For more information & tickets visit: https://www.phillymagicgardens.org 

Andalusia Historic House, Garden, and Arboretum 

Located adjacent to the Delaware River this beautiful property was established in 1795 by John Craig but maintained by his son-in-laws family, The Biddles. Andalusia features a historic house known as the Big House with an ornately decorated interior. The main spring features are the sizable garden and the arboretum. The garden includes different paths to walk with an array of flowers & plants as well as tours and events hosted within it. The arboretum’s main focus is a variety of trees for guests to wander around and observe. Andalusia is a perfect way to get outside and enjoy the nature spring has to offer. 

For more information & tickets visit: https://andalusiapa.org