Nora Eliff belts out her frozen heart one last time


Nora Eliff shows her love in front of the auditorium doors where she puts on a performance to close out her high school career.

As most seniors look forward to crossing the stage as they graduate from high school, Nora Eliff looks forward to being on stage for a completely different reason: The chance to portray Anna in this year’s musical Frozen.

Putting on her dance shoes at two years old was the start of Eliff’s path to finding the performer she has turned out to be. She then found a love for performing on stage doing theater during elementary school and has pursued that passion throughout her years at North Penn. 

“I’ve never done anything like this since we are the first school in Pennsylvania to put on this musical so being in the show itself has really been different than all the other musicals that I have been a part of,” Eliff expressed. 

Casting her first major role last year in Singing In the Rain as Kathy Seldon, it has increased her experience with the pressure under the spotlight and boosted her confidence when taking on the role of Anna. 

“I see myself in Anna and really connected with this role more than any other role I have previously played,” Eliff stated. 

Eliff became familiar with the songs by constantly listening to the soundtrack prior to her audition. By putting on her best performance for auditions, it’s clear to say that her performance was outstanding and scored her the leading role.

“I found it really hard to not just imitate the Disney character because then it would just be me doing an impersonation of the cartoon character so I had to find my own Anna throughout rehearsals,” Eliff explained.

Getting the part of Anna showed how much work Eliff has put in to get to where she is now. With neverending hours of rehearsals, she is happy with the work she has put in and is satisfied with the outcome of the show. Portraying Anna in front of multiple sold-out crowds has made all the rehearsals and performances worth every second. 

“I thought I’d be way more nervous to open the show but I have just been nothing but excited and I am finally happy to actually be putting on this performance,” Eliff said. 

By putting confidence into the strength of her voice and the skills of her acting, Eliff and the cast came together and were able to produce a spectacular show. With a cast that acts like a second family, it truly shows the power of the relationships behind the curtain. 

“I think you can expect so much more than just a high school show. I think our cast as a whole, we are so professional and so much more than just high school theater,” Eliff said.

This is not the last curtain closing for Eliff as she committed to Rockford University with a major in musical theater with hopes of making it to Broadway. 

“I feel like I’ve gotten where I need to be and I am happy with what I’m doing so I want to make the most of the last few days I have of performing in high school,” Eliff concluded. 

As one curtain closes, another curtain opens for this is not the end for Eliff. In fact, it is just the beginning.